Thursday, June 13, 2013


i feel so lucky that i get to spend my days with my baby rae. all my life, i've wanted to be a stay at home mom. it's the best job in the world and i am so grateful that garrett has provided a way for me to spend every minute with my baby girl. i would hate to miss a single second of that girl's growing up.

a few days ago i decided to take a couple video's of our morning. and then the afternoon came around and i kept videoing. soon daddy came home from work, and that had to be documented too. and before i knew it, i had a little movie of our tuesday.

for a second, after it was all made, i wished that i had prepped a little more before shooting....ya know, done my hair, worn something cute, cleaned up a bit. but then i was glad that i didn't. because this is really what a typical day looks like for us.

sometimes, when i find a random baby sock lying on the ground, i leave it there. because really, is there anything cuter? someday there won't be anymore baby socks lying around, so i might as well enjoy it while i can.

i want to remember it all, as it really is.

sometimes most days i stay in my sweats until noon.
and sometimes all i can manage is some grilled cheese for dinner.
there's a really ugly cooler that we store on our porch.
and rae takes great delight in ruining my folded piles of laundry.
some days we don't pick up our toys before bedtime,
but that's just because we're too busy reading stories and crawling around and dancing in the mirror.
and almost every night, after rae's been asleep for a few hours, one of us sneaks in there to give her some extra kisses and cuddles. usually the song from 'i love you forever' is involved too.

so. this is a little glimpse into our tuesday.


TUESDAY from Kaela Frame on Vimeo.


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