Tuesday, June 25, 2013


This weekend was a good one.
One of the perks of knowing nothing about where we live is that everything is new and fun for us. On the weekends we've just been picking random places that look interesting and going. Even if it's far away, we don't care, because that means we just get to see more of our new home town.

The Saturday before Fathers Day, we drove all the way to Gilbert to the only Kneaders within hours of us. It was about 40 minutes away. We laughed as we realized that we rarely went to Kneaders when there were two within 5 minutes of us in Utah, and now it was the same as us driving all the way to salt lake for some french toast. But it was a fun adventure.

This past weekend we went to a fun outdoor mall in Scottsdale. We didn't spend any money, but we had fun browsing through the local stores and being outside. We wasted some time in Barnes & Noble, and later found an awesome Rock Star Gallery. G knows way more about rock stars than me, and has even seen Van Halen and The Who in concert, so he enjoyed it a bit more than me.

Sundays have been a bit more challenging as Rae is getting older. Church is such an adventure. On the way there every week, we give Rae big pep-talks about being quiet in sacrament meeting and then napping during the last two hours. It rarely goes well, but we are determined to stay for all three hours as much as we can. We've now made it two weeks in a row...which we are really proud of :). She's normally pretty good, but that last half hour really gets to her. Managing children at church is an art that we have yet to master. We are counting down the days until she's old enough to go to nursery!

flirting with the people behind us // tippy toes // crawling around in relief society

I realized pretty early on that I am one of those mothers that likes to match with their kids. It's not something I necessarily plan in advance, but when I'm in the mood for a certain look, it usually reveals itself in both of our outfits since I am the one dressing us both. I was kind of proud of this past week's ensemble....she's my favorite accessory. Someday Rae will have a younger sibling who I can match her with, but until then, she gets to match with this Momma!

Sunday night we headed over to Garrett's Aunt and Uncles house for dinner. It was so much fun to eat and chat and laugh with family. It was good for my soul to be with loved ones. They gave us tons of ideas of fun things to do here, so now we have a good check-list of things to do in our free time! 

The weekends are pretty good around these parts. Nothing crazy exciting, but we are having fun exploring! 


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  1. The church becomes true again when the kiddo gets to go to nursery!!! Good luck till she 18 months. I remember coming home from church a few times in a sweat from trying to keep up and hold Ella through all three hours! You look so good, and your little girl is just adorable!


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