Tuesday, July 02, 2013

a few randoms + wwrf

  • Last night G and I celebrated our first-kissaversary by reenacting the whole thing. It was my idea...(obviously)...and he was embarrassed to even say his lines again. We laughed the whole time. And then right before he kissed me, Raegan popped up and started playing the drums on our legs. It was almost better than the original.
  • Today marks two days in a row that I've worked out. Looking back over the last.....oh, two-ish years, I think that's a record. But seeing as it takes all my muscles to open a little jar of baby food and Rae is only getting heavier and heavier, I decided I better work on some strength-training. 
  • Is anyone else watching The Bachellorette? Does anyone else think that Michael, the lawyer, is the most annoying person on the planet and should have been eliminated alongside Ben a few episodes ago? I mean, Ben was lame, but I wouldn't want to date anyone that treated even lame people the way Michael treated Ben. He's way too into the drama and conflict....which I guess explains why he's a lawyer. Good for a career, bad for any sort of relationship. Also, so dang annoying. Stop being a high school girl, dude. 
  • I think I have a mild case of salmonella poisoning. Last night I made G some cookies, and may or may not have had a lick or two of some cookie dough. Then, early this morning I woke up with some of the worst stomach pains I've ever had. It brought flash-backs of labor. Lets just say, I will think twice before eating cookie dough again....and also getting pregnant anytime soon.
  • The Civil Wars Pandora station is bomb. 

want: These rhino and giraffe heads for Rae's room. Against a painted wall (I'm thinking a muddy grey). With some other white-based art. Sigh.

wear: Gold saltwater sandals. For me. And some for Rae too.

read: Ender's Game is one of my top top favorite books. G agrees. The movie version is coming out soon...so if you haven't read it yet, get to it. I really loved it. And Ender may or may not be on my 'potential boy-names' list.

feed: In Hawaii we got these amazing savory crepes! I've been meaning to make them ever since, but haven't gotten to it yet....They are on this week's menu. Filled with pesto, ricotta cheese, turkey, and diced fresh tomato. They came with mushrooms too....but eww. Trust me. It's good. 

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