Monday, July 15, 2013

monday musings

Tomorrow we (Rae and I) are headed on a little road trip. We'll head up to Provo to spend a night with some friends there, and then early Wednesday morning we're off to Idaho!! I. AM. SO. EXCITED! Ya, it's going to suck driving by myself, with my 11-month old, in a car for 17-hours. But it will be worth it, so I don't even care! Garrett has a triathlon in Idaho on the 28th, so he's flying in to meet us on the 25th. In the mean time, I'll get to party with my siblings and Rae's cousins. She hasn't even met her Aunt Leah yet, nor her cousins Beck and Greyson. I just know she's going to love them!!

Packing up a baby, is basically the same thing as moving with a baby. Maybe I just suck at it, but I end up bringing her whole nursery, practically. Two weeks of outfits, pj's, shoes, socks, headbands and hats, jackets, blankets, monitors, medicine, bath soap, sunscreen, lotion, diapers, wipes, swimsuits, swim diapers, bottles, sippy cups, formula, baby food. bibs, spoons, stroller, ergo carrier, and pack-n-play... and I'll still get there and realize 10 things I've forgotten. Probably 8 of those 10 things will be for me too. I end up forgetting to pack for myself because I'm so busy worrying about my almost 1-year old who needs a suitcase the size of a small house. It's an adventure....but it'll be worth it!

Also, last week we started operation: lose the binky. It's gone really well so far...with her top two teeth coming in and hurting, I think the binky wasn't as soothing for her. I'm sure once those teeth popped through she would have loved it again, but we decided now was as good a time as ever to nix it (especially before she starts throwing real fits and can get in and out of bed). For someone as obsessed with the binky as her, she barely seems to notice it's gone. Actually, I think it's been harder on us than it has been on her. Yesterday at church she was being such a 'talkative tina' and we were dying to just throw that binky in her mouth to keep her quiet....but we endured. And then she got really tired (boo for church during nap time) and I know that binky would have put her right to sleep. I'm hoping we can make it 17-hours in the car and two weeks in a new(ish) place without giving in and giving it to her. Cross your fingers for us!

Anyways, we have a fun couple weeks ahead of us! I'm literally giddy with excitement....but also super bummed to leave G. I hate being away from that guy, and I know Rae hates it too. She's such a daddy's girl. Nightly face time dates will definitely be in order.

Anyways, wish us luck! And hopefully I remember to take lots of pictures of Rae with her cousins!

And just because no post is as good without pictures, here a few recent pics from my iphone:
dancin in her stroller // playing in the playroom at the gym // new blocks from grandma!
someone found some least she was willing to share ;)
fake crying during lunch // a break from playing to cuddle momma // the face she makes 90% of the day
bath time! // a little rest from so much playing // more cuddles for mommy 

...and that's all folks! Happy monday!


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