Thursday, July 25, 2013


We're still in Idaho!
Garrett arrives tonight....I am counting down the hours. I really miss that husband of mine. I think 10 days is just way too long. Rae agrees. She's such a daddy's girl, and she's never quite herself when we're away from him.

A few minutes after my last post, we jumped in the car and headed to Utah. I was nervous to drive with Rae by myself, for 10 hours. But she was a little angel baby. I think she cried for maybe 2 minutes total. She took her normal naps and played and read her books in between.

making herself comfortable in her new big-girl carseat!

The drive ended up being totally pleasant. I enjoyed almost every second of it. I love the Utah terrain and I soaked up every mountain, valley, farm, and city. We even hit a couple thunderstorms which made my heart so happy. I hadn't seen a drop of rain since leaving Utah back in May and I sure missed it. A few days before leaving AZ, I compared the weather for Phoenix and Eagle and was really bummed to see that Phoenix would be cooler and wetter than Eagle during my time away. But, though Eagle has been hotter, it has also been MUCH cooler, so it's worked out alright!

My heart was so happy as I pulled into Provo. I felt home. I knew I missed it, but I guess I didn't know how much. I sure love Provo. It is full of happy memories! I stopped by a few friends' houses really quickly to scope out some of Rae's potential future husbands. Baby Van and Baby Deacon stole my heart! Then I ran over to Mary Jane's house for a much needed best friend sleepover with her and Nat. I loved every second of it! We stayed up until nearly 3am talking and laughing and reminiscing. There's just something almost medicinal about spending a night with best friends.

Early the next morning, we loaded up in the car again and headed to Idaho! We arrived just after noon and the party started right away. Pictures to come!


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