Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Sicky Baby

Well, I can officially cross this weekend off as Rae's first time really being sick. She's had a cold or two I guess, but never any ear infections or high fevers, nothing really concerning. Until this weekend. We had an awesome 4th, which I'll blog about later, and then Friday it hit her.

Finally we took her in to her new Pediatritian yesterday (monday), after it was apparent that something was definitely wrong, and it was only getting worse. She had no appetite, was really lethargic, hated when we put her down (and if we did, she would just lay there), she was really really sleepy, and her fever was hitting 102 all weekend.

Her new doctor is totally awesome, and took me very seriously. I knew something was wrong because my happy baby was no where to be found. It was literally heartbreaking to see her so sad. I just held her all weekend, and sometimes cried right along with her.

They took a urine sample (using a catheter....which was THE WORST!!!!) and a blood sample to do some tests.  We were thinking she might have a UTI which would explain a few of her symptoms, but I guess we'll see when her urine results come back in a few days. In the mean time, her blood work came back showing that her white blood cell count was above 22k. The white blood cells are what fight illnesses. Normal levels are at 4k, and usually when you're sick the wbc levels will be in the 8-12k range. He said that once it hits 15k, it's considered really high. So he was pretty shocked at her numbers.
The type of white blood cells made it look like she had more of a virus, and a UTI would only be bacterial. But he's not convinced that she doesn't have both a virus and a UTI. So, in the mean time he started her on a antibiotic as if she has a UTI, to make sure she doesn't get kidney damage or anything.

These past few days have been really exhausting, physically and emotionally. It's been so heartbreaking to see Rae so sad. I would have given anything to take her sadness away. I was really grateful that Garrett was home the whole time to help with everything. We literally just cuddled her non-stop, sang lots of songs, read a bunch of books, took a few baths, and watched Hercules and Pocahontas (thank you netflix), which she loved.

There was a lot to get done, but nothing was more important than loving on my sick baby girl. It's amazing the transformation that happens when you become a parent. Nothing comes before your baby. Even totally exhausted, nothing could stop me from waking up at 3am to love on Rae. And it's been quite fulfilling to know that all she wants is her mommy. It's hard sometimes, but I love my job so much.

If she's not significantly better by tomorrow morning, her doctor want's to see her again. She did wake up at 3am last night starving, so I'm taking that as a good sign. Hopefully she gets back to her normal self soon. In the meantime, we'll keep singing songs, heart to heart, for as long as that little love wants.

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