Wednesday, July 10, 2013

when grandma comes to town

A few weekends ago, G's mom came to visit! Raegan was in heaven with a grandma to love on her every second. The weekend was full of everything good....presents, yummy food, lots of sweets, endless kisses, and bedtime cuddles.

Garrett's grandparents also had their mission farewell....they're off to the West Indies next week and we couldn't be more excited for them! So we had a lot of family time which was awesome. Tatum, Garrett's cousin, turned 7 over the weekend and all she wanted to do for her birthday was go to Organ Stop. Apparently it's an old tradition with the family, and I had no idea what I was getting myself into. It's basically a pizza place with this massive sit in this dim room, cafeteria style, and this old man is playing a massive organ and controlling all other kinds of instruments that are around the room. I'm not even explaining it very well (how do you explain a pizza place with a live organ player).....but it was pretty awesome. It may have been a little over-stimulating for Rae; I think she was a bit freaked out. But it was a blast and I'm always happy to join in any traditions from Garrett's childhood.

the christmas trees were pretty awesome too...

On Saturday morning, we left Rae with Garrett's cousins and went to the Mesa temple with his Mom, Aunts, Uncle, and Grandparents. This is where Garrett's parents were sealed, so it was really special to go. Family is what the temple is all about, so it was also really cool to be there with so many people from his family.

^ photo bombed by the aunts and uncle                                                                              ^that's better     
Rae warmed right up to her Grandma (it may have been the presents) and loved every second in her arms. We were even able leave Rae to go on our very own date night on Friday! Holy was amazing!!! We got ice cream and saw Now You See Me (which was awesome, we totally recommend it)! We've been on very few dates (alone and out of the house) since Rae was born, and we were reminded how nice it is to get out and spend some time together, just the two of us. Of course, most of our conversation was probably about Rae.....but still. And how nice it was to not worry about her for even a single second; I'm sure Rae was just as happy, if not happier, being loved on by her Grandma all night.
The weekend went by way too fast, and we were sad to see her leave on Sunday night. Luckily, we'll be in Idaho later this month for more Grandparent love!

It was so fun just to have a visitor too! Garrett and I are constantly making lists of things to do with people who come to visit. Organ Stop definitely made the list :). So if you're ever feeling like eating pizza to the tune of Star Wars on the organ, come visit us! 

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