Tuesday, August 27, 2013

a pit stop down memory lane

Last month, on our way back from Idaho, we stopped in Provo to reunite with some best friends of ours and then spend some time with Garrett's Grandma and Papa. It was a blast!

We arrived a little earlier than expected, so we decided to take a quick breather at our favorite park! G and I laid out a blanket and watched our little girl climb all over us and practice her walking. The temperature was perfect, the grass was soft, and a nice little breeze rustled the leaves in the tree's above us.

It was simple and sweet.

We showed Rae the exact bench where Garrett proposed, and the spot where a bunch of deer once caught us making out. We pointed out the mountains that I focused on out of my hospital window while I was in labor with Rae. And we looked at the temple spire that stuck out down the street and the timpanogos temple in the distance.

It was strange being in Provo but not being home....knowing we still had a day's drive before being home. Just like that, Provo was a place of our past, a place we reminisced about, a 'remember when' place. It kind of tugged at my heart-strings a bit. But at the same time I was anxious to get back to AZ. Provo has treated us real good these past 4 years. But I know that AZ will do the same. And I love that Garrett and I are writing our memories right now, here in Phoenix. We are finding the spots that we'll tell our children about. We are living the stories worth remembering. And it's pretty great!


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