Monday, August 12, 2013

b-day par-tay!

If you follow me on instagram (@kaelaframe) or facebook....or even read my last 3 (4?) posts, you know that Rae turned uno on friday. A little overkill, I know. But what's a Momma to do? Sorry friends.

To be honest, swear words were running through my head all day. Not because of anything specific that happened, it was a really great day. But I just kept thinking, "Holy shhh, I have a one year old!" or "Where did this past year go, daaaaaang it!" or "How the H.....eck is she so grown up?!" Now, I'm not a big swearer. At all. But sometimes, when the occasion is just right, man oh man those swears are just flying through my head left and right! Friday was one of those days. I guess I was a bit more emotional about it all than I'd care to admit.

side note: someday rae is going to read this and be like, "what the heck mom.....?! are you really writing about swearing all day on my first birthday?" Just tellin' it like it is, baby. Mommy loves you, and you're not allowed to swear.  

I'm not convinced Rae knew it was her birthday, but she did know that for whatever reason, it was a super fun day. We did all of her favorite things and by the end of the day she was one pooped birthday girl.

When we woke up friday morning, she and I wrote out a quick checklist of all the things she wanted to do to celebrate. Luckily Daddy only had a half-day of work, so he was home and ready to party after her first nap.

i mean...just look at that face!

too busy to take a pic with mom // so much fun at the splash pad with dad

Luckily our girl has cheap taste so far, so we were able to keep it pretty low-cost. All of our checklist activities were free and I had most of the decorations on-hand which was nice. We had a present or two from each set of grandparents and then G and I got her some blocks and a couple dresses that she's been needing. She actually did pretty good opening up her own presents, and her face lit up each time she got to the actual present! Her jaw would drop and she would look at us like, "Oh my gosh, are you seeing this?! There's something awesome under all this paper!" It was adorable. 

we face-timed with G's parent's when she opened her presents from them....she loves her new doll!

We were probably most excited for the cake at the end of the night. We sat her in her bumbo (since it's so easy to wash off), sang her a beautiful rendition of Happy Birthday which she bobbed her head to the whole time, and helped her blow out the candle. Then we let her dig in! At first, she picked off individual sprinkles and ate them individually, one by one....but she quickly got the picture and went crazy.

After cake, she washed off with an extra long bath followed by lots of books and extra cuddles. We put her down, said our prayers and thanked God for our beautiful one year old, and she fell fast asleep. Garrett and I spent the rest of our night reminiscing on this past year. We are so glad that she is ours. 

I may or may not have shed a tear or two throughout the day. Even writing this post, I can feel a big ol' lump in my throat. I love Raegan so much. This past year has been the best of my life and it has gone by far too quickly. I am so lucky to be her mother, and so lucky that she is a part of my forever family. While I am anxious to hold onto my little baby, I am also so excited to see the beautiful person she becomes and the wonderful things she accomplishes. I know she has great things ahead of her.


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