Friday, August 23, 2013


Our actual anniversary was totally crazy busy.....Garrett worked all day, I had to go hang out with the young women in our ward for our weekly activity that night, and Garrett had basketball until late. (Also! While I was at young women's, it rained cats and dogs at my apartment....but one mile away, at the church building where I was....completely dry. Boo.). So G and I stretched our anniversary out an extra day to when our schedules were more conducive to a lil celebration!

Rae and I met Garrett for lunch at his work and had an especially good time together. Seeing each other in the middle of our day does wonders for all three of us. We decided to put our budgeted anniversary money into our 'house fund,' so we kept things pretty low-cost. G made a delicious dinner at home complete with fun drinks, and I made a yummy chocolate cake! We filled out a little anniversary questionnaire that I made which helped us reflect on this past year and make predictions for year four. Then we chased around our little girl! After putting her down, we turned on 'our song' and slow danced around the living room. Garrett made me laugh the whole time. We finished our night watching netflix and eating chocolate cake! So happy that I got to spend the last three years being that boy's wife.

free download of anniversary questionnaire here!

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