Thursday, August 08, 2013

due date

A year ago today was my due date. This is what it looked like:

looking at this pic now, I don't feel like I looked that bad.....but at the time I did not feel very cute.

  • Garrett was finally home from St Louis. 
  • We were living in a dumpy little temporary apartment filled with our friend's boxed up apartment that we were storing for them. 
  • My two staple foods were ice cream and steak. Literally, Garrett was running to the grocery story almost every night to pick up another steak for me......our grocery bill those last few weeks was really high! And suddenly Baskin Robbins was the only kind of acceptable ice cream (pralines and cream, please) daily trips there were had.
  • Other than that it was just a waiting game....
  • We washed a load of gender neutral clothes, and had bags and receipts of gender-specific clothes to keep or return, depending on if it was a boy or girl. 
  • Apparently Frames ALWAYS have boys first (Rae is the first, first-born girl in at least 3 generations), so everyone was sure we were having a boy. But from the beginning I had an inkling that it was a girl....which made me sure that it was a boy, just because of course I would be wrong about that kind of thing. But those last 4 or 5 days, I became more and more and more convinced that it was a girl! 
  • I was peeing 3 times a night, at least. I don't know if I really needed to pee that many times but my sleep was so restless and that was just something to keep me busy :)
  • When I was home, my belly was always fully exposed. For some reason, those last few days, having anything touching it was so uncomfortable.
  • Garrett would sing to my belly multiple time a are my sunshine, twinkle twinkle little star, rockabye baby, and lots of primary songs.
  • When he wasn't singing, he was reading the two labor books I asked him to read, "The Ultimate Birth Partner" and "Easy Labor."
  • He was also perfectly content with baby staying in my belly as long as he/she needed. G was born before he was ready, and he was very opinionated about the baby coming when he or she was good and ready. 
  • I was less content with baby staying inside me. My hips were in constant pain and my heartburn was out of control (so many tums. sooooo many!). The morning of my due date, I remember praying to Heavenly Father to let me have her that day.....after begging, I ended with, "But of course, if it's better for her to stay in my belly, then let her stay."
  • We were both sure that I would go at least a week overdue. So even though it was my due date we really had no expectations of seeing her anytime soon! 
  • We didn't know it at the time....but a year ago today was our last day as a family of 2! We sure lived up those last few weeks. There was no school or work....all we had to do was spend time together and get ready to be parents. It was a really special time for us. 

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