Friday, August 16, 2013

ID- the last of it

Okay, last Idaho post. Eek! Prepare yourself for a picture overload! 

twin falls lookout....the day before the tri
My favorite part of the whole trip was just spending time with my fam. Sadly enough, this was the first time Rae got to meet her Aunt Leah, and cousins Beck and Greyson. I was giddy for days knowing I was going to get to see my sis and her boys soon! Of course Rae had heard plenty about them, but I couldn't wait for her to meet them in real life!

Almost every night all the family got together. My parents, Kyle, Jade & girls, Leah & boys, Me & Rae......this was one of the first times that so many of the kids have been together and it was so fun watching them run and play together. They got along great and had so much fun entertaining themselves while us adults (adults?!!....hah!) got to catch up. 

The kids made pizza's, played with bubbles, ran around at a pioneer-day fair, played with Mimi and Papa, and just had some good quality fun together! 

these pics make me want to cry.....i miss cuddling with my beckster.

It was so! good! to spend time with this sister of mine. Sisters should never go a year without seeing each other. Ever. One afternoon we found ourselves rocking on the porch swing while our littles ran and played in the backyard. I had a flashback to when we were the one's running and playing in the backyard, swinging on the swing set my dad built, jumping on the tramp, or riding our bikes to Enzler Park. And now here we were, the mom's watching their kiddo's play. My heart is happy just thinking about it. So glad to have had this sister by my side all along. 

We decided to do a quick retreat up to McCall to really get away and just enjoy our time together! Few things bring me greater joy than cuddling, tickling, and running around with my nieces and nephews! It was good to get uninterrupted time with them at the cabin. We rode the 4-wheeler, went out for ice cream, played lots of cards, had a tickle fight with Uncle Kyle, and relaxed together! The only thing that could have made it better would have been to have the rest of the fam there with us; we sure missed them. 

this is the backyard of the cabin.....i mean, come on!

On our last night together, after the triathlon, we had a big southern shrimp boil and chatted. I cried some big heavy tears that night saying goodbye to everyone and then saying goodbye to the house I've grown up in. 

And there we have it.

Sure love that family of mine. Counting down the days until January when we'll ALLLLLL be together! Woo Woo!

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