Friday, August 02, 2013

ID2- the snow shack

Going to the snow shack was on the top of my "Idaho To Do" list.

Not only do they have THE! BEST! snow cones in all the world, but that place holds so many memories from the good ol' days. 

The shack is right in the center of downtown Eagle, seated next to the most romantic gazebo....just like in Gilmore Girls. There's a perfect little splash pad that's been there since way before splash pads were cool. Picnic tables are sprawled out under the tree's, the grass is perfect for bare feet, and on top of it all, the brick pathway is covered in dear friend's names who donated to the park in the beginning. 

I can remember countless times, riding my bike down the hill to the snow shack with Leah or Wade. I'd stay as long as possible to postpone riding back up the hill...even though it's pretty puney. When I was older, so many summer nights were spent, at least in part, at the snow shack. Friends would line the parking lot, gazebo, and picnic benches. We'd mix and match flavors and taste-test funny combo's like fuzzy navel or a mixture of tigers blood and strawberry-colada ;). If plans for a friday night were sparse, we could always find good company at the snow shack, and that's usually where we'd end up. 

Garrett and I had a few dates to the snow shack in our friend days, and spent a few of our dating days walking around that gazebo under the christmas lights and falling snow. It's one of my favorite places. 

So, I was more than excited to bring my little girl to that same spot and give her a little taste of our past. We loaded up all the cousins and made our way down the hill, 3 whole minutes away, for an evening of fun. We splashed, ate snow cones, splashed some more, jumped a lot, and had a blast! Before we were good and worn out, the splash pad turned off for the night, so the kids spent the next while running up and down the gazebo. 

rae was not a fan of the splash pad
she was a fan of the snow cone though! just a little taste :)

she approved

these two kill me

one of my favorite pics from the whole trip!

trying to get jumping pictures of a two year old is tough....but also the best!

trying to get jumping pictures of a 2, 3, and 4 year old is impossible.

rae was still mad that I put her in the fountain

With my parents moving to Dallas, I'm more than aware that this was probably our last family outing to the snow shack at Heritage Park. I'm going to miss stopping by with my Momma....I'd always get tigers blood and she'd always get rootbeer (extra extra flavoring). We didn't even have to talk about it anymore, we just knew what to order right away. And seeing the cousins run and jump and laugh in the fountains will always make me smile. Leah and I spent our night moving from kid to kid, splashing in the water, regulating snow cone eating, and trying to keep them from throwing the little rocks found in the gazebo gardens. 

It was a simple evening in the heart of my favorite town. 


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