Wednesday, August 07, 2013

ID4- a cousin birthday bash

My parents, known as Mimi and Papa to the kidlets, decided to start a new tradition while most of the grandkids were all together in Idaho. Since we all live so stinkin' far apart, we don't get to be around to celebrate each of the kids birthdays like we'd like to. Of course we send little presents and a card....but obviously that's not good enough. So, new tradition: a combined birthday bash for all the kids every time we all get together! My parents are kind of rocking this whole grandparent thing if you ask me!

We rented out the party room at the local Jump Time and it was a blast!! We did summersaults into the foam-pit, slid down the many many slides, bounced in the bounce house, and of course jumped on the trampolines. The kids opened a few presents from Mimi and Papa and we all throughly enjoyed a party pizza and cupcakes!

Picture overload:
the whole gang! (pretty good pic with almost all the kids kind of looking/smiling....especially considering we wouldn't let them eat their cupcake until after the pic...that's one way to get it done quickly I guess)
papa may or may not have gotten stuck in the foam pit.....
opening presents.....and leah showing off the cape I made for beck and grey!

it looks like a lot....but she really only managed to get a bite in before I took it away 
the girl is a fan of cupcakes!
grey grey approves too!

Needless to say, we all slept really good that night!

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