Wednesday, August 14, 2013

spudman triathlon 2013

So the whole original purpose of going to Idaho last month was for the Spudman Triathlon. Back in January, G got a call from my bro Kyle, and was quickly recruited to sign up for the tri with him. Garrett has done it once before, when he was 18, and had a blast. They then joined forces and ended up getting my dad, brother, and Garrett's dad to all sign up. My brother Matt came all the way from Texas to do the race! Later we found out a few of our good family-friends were doing it too. It was a pretty awesome group!

At the time, we were sure we would be living in Utah where training would be easy and the drive wouldn't be too bad. But then we moved to Phoenix. Instead of it being only a 12 hour drive roundtrip, we ended up driving somewhere in the vicinity of 36 hours. Training was a beast. The weeks leading up to the tri, Garrett was either biking at 5am or running at 10pm. And even at those odd hours, it was still pushing 90 degree's outside. I'm so proud of that guy. The race was a 1 mile swim, 25 mile bike, and 6.2 mile run.

I'm pretty sure the whole event was more fun for us gals, cheering on our husbands/ brothers/ dads/ friends, than it was for those husbands/ brothers/ dads/ friends who were running. It was really a blast. G, Rae, and I crashed at the cutest small-town family hotel the night before, and woke up at 5:15 that morning to get ready for the race. I'm pretty positive that I was way more excited and nervous for the race than Garrett was...and I wasn't even running it.

Ryenn, Jade, Greyson, Leah, Beck, Dara, Mimi, Tayler, and cheerleaders ever!
We stopped at his transition points to make sure everything was there and ready, and then we headed to the river where he would start his swim. The energy there was crazy fun and I loved every second of it. My mom and sisters were at the swim-to-bike transition (which I missed), but I got to see all the boys start the race which was really fun! After they had all crossed passed through the swim-to-bike transition, they met up with me at the bike-to-run transition, which was also by the finish line.

early-whirly, ready to rock and roll! rae was the biggest trooper!
all the to go!

Garrett and Wade's wave of racers was first, followed next by Kyle and Matt's, then Craig's, and then my Dad and Darren were the last of our group. Of everyone, my dad was the most nervous for the race. With this last minute move to Dallas, he really didn't have as much time to train as he would have liked. But he went into the race pumped, with a positive attitude.

my dad just might be my favorite person in this whole universe!
Seeing all the boys come in off the bikes, ready to start their run, was awesome! Garrett's mom, Laren and Charlie, and Rae and I snagged the perfect spot to see them come in! It was perfectly shaded from the sun and rain (weird weather that day...but awesome for racing), and my fam met up with us before too long. Between transitions, we just hung out with our babe's and enjoyed everyone's company.

g starting the bike (awesome photo creed: leah)
top left: Garrett getting ready to run. top right: Kyle giving a thumbs up.
bottom left: Matt starting his run. bottom left: Craig finishing his bike.
all the kiddo's were pretty tired after an early morning and a long day!
cheerleaders.....and tired kids :)
 Kyle was the first to finish, and Garrett was just a bit after him. I missed most everyone else's finish-lines because I was with Garrett or Rae, but I was so proud of everyone!

Okay, now for my favorite part of the whole day! All this time, we were still waiting for my dad to come through the bike-to-running transition. He came through the transition just a minute or two after Kyle finished the whole triathlon (my dad started much later though). My dad would never be one to quit, but he looked pretty defeated. He packed up his bike and started to run, though he wasn't too happy about it. Kyle, having just finished, heard that my Dad was at the last transition. So he hurried over to cheer him on. After seeing my Dad, Ky immediately started running alongside him. We all watched as Kyle, who had just swam a mile, biked 25 miles, and ran 6.2 miles, started running the last leg again with my dad! We all expected that he would just start it with him, get him going, and then come back.....But a little over an hour later, they both came running up to the finish line. It was a really cool experience for my family and pretty emotional for my dad, and all of us really, as he crossed the finish line. Kyle didn't even take 10 minutes to rest, eat, or barely say hello to us before he ran another 6.2 miles to help my dad finish. Seeing my dad running up to that finish line, with Ky by his side, I couldn't help but get emotional myself. I sure love that brother of mine.

starting the run again // and coming up to the finish line!

Afterwards, we made the boys take a bunch of pictures which they weren't too thrilled about, but of course it had to be done!
matt & dara // kyle & jade // me & g

It was a pretty awesome day, and G and I were really happy to be a part of it! Everyone finished in great time, and no one got injured....which was obviously the goal! I'm so proud of that husband of mine, and everyone else who did it! Such an accomplishment! Now.....time to start training for next year?!

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