Wednesday, August 21, 2013


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Dear Husband,
How I was lucky enough to snag the best husband in the whole wide world, I'll never know. But being your wife is my favorite title. The past three years have been the best of my life. 
I remember when we were just friends, talking on the phone late at night, and you asked if I thought I had met my future spouse yet. I said no, and so did you. I'm glad we were wrong. 
I remember the first time I realized that I loved you. I had just finished telling my mom something about you, and as I was walking away she said, "Kaela....I think you might love him." I quickly said, "Nooooo Mom, I don't love him...we're just friends." But in my head I thought, "Uh oh....I think she's right." She was. I loved you then, and I'll love you always. 
You are my soul mate. My one in six billion. My best friend. 
You are responsible for the majority of my smiles, laughs, and butterflies. 
I'm so glad that our happily ever after's include each other. Because my ever after wouldn't be nearly as happy without you in it. 
I love you G Frame. True love. Name brand love. 
Happy Anniversary, baby. Here's to many many many more! 
Your Wife

photo's by the extremely talented Colleen Bell.


  1. how can we get a custom card made? thanks!

  2. opps

  3. Hi there,

    I want to make a card for my anniversary too, that was on 24th Jan 2014.

  4. Hi I would like to enquire about one of these custom made cards.
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  5. Is there anyway that I could have a custom card made?
    My email is

  6. Do you make these cards? I'd love to find out more please!

  7. I would love to find out more too,

  8. What a lovely card. do you offer a printable pdf?

  9. How does a person make something like this?! Would love to create one for my fiance for valentines day! Any help us greatly appreciated!!


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