Saturday, August 10, 2013

where oh where has my baby gone?















I wanted to document a few lot of things about Rae so I don't forget them later.
I understand that this is probably only interesting to me and her grandparents...but what the hey!

So, Rae at 1 year:

  • Says Mama and Dada. Tries to say "hi" but really just says "hhhhhhha!" in a really light, airy whisper. Also tries to say "night night!" after we say it, but it sounds more like, "nanananana!"
  • Will not hold hands with anyone. Won't do it. She never has. It's the strangest thing. 
  • Just started walking this week. She's up to about 5 wobbly steps. It would be going a lot better for her if she would hold our hands as she practices, but like I said...little miss independent.
  • Started saying "ahhhh!" after every sip she takes, like it was the most refreshing sip of milk/water she's ever tasted. G taught her that one.
  • He's also teaching her how to wink. The other day he randomly winked at her, and she winked back at him. We were shocked. It doesn't look very pretty....but she closes one eye while keeping the other one open. It's hilarious to watch.
  • She's all about the straw-sippy cups. We've been trying the regular sippy cups for a while, but she wouldn't stick with them for very long (just a couple sips). Now she loves to drink water at every meal and milk from the straw-sippy cup before her afternoon nap and bedtime.
  • Still taking two naps a day......which makes me a very happy mommy.
  • Operation: No More Binky was a success! We are officially 1 week without it, and even survived church sans binky. We are also fully on whole milk, and off bottles. 
  • She loves giving kisses...the real kind. She even smacks her lips. The other day she crawled up to Garrett and kissed his forehead. It was pretty sweet. Sometimes she gets in a kissing mood and will just go back and forth giving us kisses over and and over. She'll even plop a big one on the ipad when face-timing grandma and grandpa. 
  • Her favorite toys are definitely books. At least once a day she goes to her bookshelf and pulls a book off, sits down with it, flips through the pages, and then moves on to the next book. This can occupy her for at least 20 minutes.
  • She's officially addicted to her blankie. Any fleece blanket will due, but she has a favorite one that she would bring everywhere with her if she could. 
  • Her favorite time of day is bath time. She'd stay in that bath all night if we let her. Garrett and I usually just sit in the bathroom and catch up while she goes to town playing with all her bath toys. 
  • She's a big whiner. We just started really working on Baby Sign to help, but when it comes to whining...the chick is a natural.
  • Sometimes she's really picky. She loves chicken, but last night she wouldn't even take a single bite for dinner. I could understand if she tried it, didn't like it, and wouldn't eat anymore. But she wouldn't take a single bite. 
  • Daddy is her favorite to play with, and Mommy is her favorite to cuddle with. 
  • She's finally over her stranger danger phase....she'll go to anyone (with a little distracting), but she puts on this little shy act that is pretty cute. When someone looks at her, she lays her head down on our shoulder and cuddles in. We don't mind it.
  • We try to do 15 minutes of structured learning time during every wake-time. We'll practice counting, colors, abc's, naming animals, signing, coloring, language....etc. I'm not sure she's getting it yet, but I think it's a good habit to get into and it helps me stay sane and involved. 
  • I think we lucked out and got a naturally obedient child. She's always listened really well. If she's going to touch something and we say "No, no Rae. Don't touch that." She'll immediately stop going towards it and look for something else to do. Sometimes we'll catch her with something she shouldn't have, and we'll gasp and she'll immediately drop it or throw it and crawl away from it as fast as possible, which always makes us laugh. It has nothing to do with us as parents...I think she just came that way. 
  • She's still sleeping from 8:30 to 8:30 every day. Great sleeper! Again, I don't deserve any credit for that....I think she just came that way.
  • Favorite foods: Banana's, bread, tortellini, chicken nuggets, ground beef, beef hot-dogs, broccoli (what?!...i know!), green beans, cheese sticks, green smoothies, blueberries.  
  • 5 teeth. 3 big teeth (two bottoms, one top), and 2 more popping through (2 more on top).
  • All about accessories! Loves hats and headbands, bracelets, and shoes! She'll often take them off to look at them, but then she fidgets with it and whines until she can get it back on. The other day she crawled around holding her headband to her head for a good 5 minutes.
  • She's our happy girl. Smiles all the time. If she's grumpy...we know she must be overly tired or teething.
Everyday we feel lucky to have Rae in our family. She is our favorite blessing and we can't imagine life without her! 

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