Thursday, August 29, 2013

young women's time capsule

Last night I hosted the girls from the beehive class of church for our weekly mutual activity. I really like that I get to work with them each week and learn from their sweet, fun personalities. They are awesome girls.

Anyways, for last night's activity the girls wanted to learn how to make banana bread. We met at our tiny apartment and they followed my favorite banana bread recipe (from my favorite cookbook that my sweet cousin gave me). All week I had been trying to come up with something fun to do while the banana bread was baking, and finally, a couple hours before the girls arrived, I found an awesome idea for a time capsule!

My original inspiration came from HERE (btw: her cards are much cuter).....All Things Bright & Beautiful has easily become my favorite go-to blog for fun ideas and free printables. I wanted the girls to have a bit more writing room, and since they're only beehives, I switched up a couple of the card prompts.

Anyways, the activity was a blast and the girls loved talking about their future plans, goals, and how they would still be loyal fans to One Direction when they opened their time capsule in 5 years. They got to know each other a lot better too, which is always a good thing. We put the cards in pretty 5x7 envelopes and they wrote the date that they were allowed to open them on the front....most of the girls wanted to save it for their 18th birthday. And then we feasted on delicious banana bread!

Anyways, I thought I'd share....just in case any of my fellow Young Women's leaders wanted to use the template.

My FAVORITE banana bread recipe! Click HERE for free printable!

And our time-capsule cards! Link to free download found HERE!

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