Monday, September 23, 2013

are we a byu family?

I enjoy football. I can sit and watch it and have a good time. I understand most of the rules and I can usually follow a game pretty well......except when they do trick plays, I always fall for their fake passes and lose sight of the ball. But I really do enjoy watching a good game of football.

I don't claim to be the biggest fan of the sport, but I do claim a few teams as my own. I might not ever turn on a Utah State football game by myself, or even follow their season much. But I still consider myself a fan, because I know that no matter who they're playing or even if they're not playing that week...I'm always rooting for them.

I like Utah State, BSU, and Texas. Those are my teams. And even though I have NO IDEA what is happening with their seasons, if a game comes on with one of them playing, I'm immediately rooting hard-core for them. Garrett thinks this is silly of me, and that I shouldn't call myself a true fan....but I don't care.

Anyways, since I never do any football research on my own, I usually get all my information from Garrett. Which means that I tend to know a lot more about BYU's football season than any of 'my teams.' Which I've realized, is slowly but surely turning me into a BYU fan.

This weekend was the BYU v UTAH game.....arguably the biggest game of the season for anyone living in Utah. We were invited to watch the game with some new friends of ours, which was a relief for G since we don't have TV. As we were getting ready to go, I had to stop and laugh at myself. I've never fully admitted to being a BYU fan, but anyone looking from the outside would totally guess that we were a full-fledged BYU family.

And that's when I had to lower my pride and admit it out loud...I like BYU. And I hope they win...against everyone except USU and BSU. I very much dislike the fans...they're obnoxious and annoying and arguably the most fickle, entitled, and ruthless (to their own team) fans that I've ever seen. But I like the players. I like Bronco Mendenhall. And I like the spirit by which the school conducts it's sporting programs.

And I didn't plan on this realization taking up a whole post...but here we are. It's kinda a big deal to me I guess.
^ our attempt at a family picture in our byu gear ^
^ she thought it was so fun to sit on our shirts as I was trying to take a pic ^

^ fake smile ^ annoyed with all the pictures ^ and a real smile ^

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