Tuesday, September 17, 2013

book worm

If I had to guess which toy Rae would be playing with at any given moment, I would guess 'book' and I would have a pretty good chance of being right. She plays with her books more than any other toy. I can often find her sitting on the floor in her room flipping through the pages, lifting all the flaps, or pointing at all the pictures and naming them "dada," "mama," or "dsfdjhdk." When she's done reading one by herself, she carries it to me while saying, "Mama....buh (book)...mama...buh..." asking me to read to her. Sometimes she puts a book flat on the floor, puts her hands on it and her bum in the air, and runs, sliding across the floor on the book. She thinks it's pretty funny.

So yesterday we decided to spend our afternoon at the library down the street. We walked up and down the aisles countless times, read lots of books, pulled as many books off the shelves as we could manage, met some new friends, and just enjoyed ourselves.
^ my favorite picture from the day ^

Recently I decided to delete the 'social networking' apps off my phone so it wouldn't be such a distraction. I still have them on the ipad and can catch up before bed, but I was feeling like I was missing everyday moments in my own life, because I was trying to stay caught up in everyone else's everyday moments. A couple times at the library, while Rae was happily distracted with something and I was just sitting there, I pulled out my phone to check the latest instagram or facebook updates. Remembering that I no longer had access to those apps, I put my phone away and just watched Rae play. I'm so glad I did because it brought me the greatest joy to see her discovering and learning and playing. The way she turned the books around in her hands, or gently flipped the pages, or pointed at the bright pictures while saying "oooooooh!" in the cutest way....I am glad I didn't miss that simple moment.

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  1. eep thank you so much for your sweet comment!
    i heard sherlock is really good! i think that will be our next show haha
    p.s. look at that cute baby! love her "y" shirt too btw :)
    cougs <3


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