Friday, September 13, 2013

One of the funnest posts I've ever written...

Last week I got to meet up with my old bff Ali (also known as: Al, Ali-son, Al-kins, Ali-kins, Kins, Kinsy, Minerva). It was everything a reunion between old friends should be....Lots of reminiscing, catching up, and of course laughing. She now has two handsome boys who played with Rae while we chatted. The last time we saw each other was at Ali's wedding, almost 5 years ago! Obviously that's way too long. I met Ali back in 2002 (2003?) when she moved from AZ to ID. Funny story: now I live in AZ in the same ward as Al's parents! Anyways, we hit it off pretty quick back then and stayed great friends for the rest of our Idaho days. Over the years we had so many good times. We spent our high school days together in classes, at football games, having sleepovers, sneaking out, at church activities, partying up girls camp, and going to dances. Looking back at the fun/hard/trying/growing/awesome days of high school, Ali was definitely my truest friend. I am so lucky to have her. And what a joy it was to see her as the sweetest mom. She also has the cutest blog where she shows us how to do bomb-diggity crafts. I'm obsessed...check it out here

^rae eyeing everett...

My heart is still happy after getting to spend a few hours with her last week. I think I talked about it non-stop for like 2 days. It got me thinking back to all of the good times we've had together. Which prompted me to do a little investigating for trinkets and pictures from our past. The search was a success and I was reminded of SO many things I had completely forgotten about......................
prepare yourself

Freshman year Al and I took Dance Ed to get out of regular P.E. We spent the semester learning skills and then choreographing a dance to perform at the end of the semester in front of a rather large audience made up of parents and friends. We got partnered with this hilarious girl who always told us about her birth control patches...I don't even know what to say about that. We wore awesome bandanas and did an epic dance to Mony Mony...I think I still remember some of the moves. 

More often than not Ali and I ended up in the same group for formal dances. I'm pretty sure I have more pictures with her than with my actual dates.....worth it. These are some of my favorite pictures of us!
^ senior sweethearts

^senior prom....we're like a girl band
^junior homecoming
that pic in the middle ^ one of my very favorites of us! (senior sweethearts)
^junior prom

Having too much fun and looking awesome at Girls Camp! I would like to formally apologize to our leaders for all the shenanigans we pulled every summer at camp...

I can't even tell you how many notes Ali and I wrote back and forth to each other. I think this was part of a birthday present that she made me one year. I only remember about 3/4 of the inside jokes on this page....but it still kept me entertained for like an hour! 

Friday night football games...we often got ready together. 
I don't think we ever went for the actual football.

Ali, Wade, and I took Botany our senior year as a silly elective. It was definitely one of my favorite high school classes with those two goofballs. The pic on the left is after we went on a field trip to the botanical gardens and then ditched the rest of class and hid out in the seminary building, of all places. The pic on the right is some random halloween. Halloween or not, Ali and I had a fair share of dress-up parties!

freshman or sophomore year.....random nights at Target and Walmart. We got in trouble for taking that picture on the right. 

Not sure what to say about this one....Summer after senior year at boondocks. We had fun together.

Junior year anatomy with Ali and Lindsey was another one of my favorite classes. It was hard, but we made it really really fun. We got to dissect a pig together, and we spent many nights studying together for big tests. We also spent a lot of class time doing anything except pay attention. We talked about boys, made up hand-signals to the primary song "I love to see the temple" and goofed off. Once we made a list of all the spots that we thought it would be cool to kiss boys at. We called it the KLA Clause, for Kaela, Lindsey, and Ali, and even signed a contract saying that we wouldn't die before checking everything off the list. We signed it in red pen and pretended that it was signed in our blood....I know, this story is just getting better and better.  It's pretty really embarrassing actually. In the rain, during fireworks, under mistletoe......I'm pretty sure at this point I hadn't ever even kissed a boy yet. I will was kind fun to go through the list and check most of the spots off. Still got a few to go a boat in the middle of a lake in the middle of the night.....whaaa?! 

Ali, Lindsay, and I were voted Best Friends of the Class of 2007 when we graduated. 

Anything I did was more fun with Ali there. She was someone I could always be myself around.

top left: last day of freshman year. top right: doing Cam-cam's make up and playing dress up, junior year. bottom left: dress up sleepover. bottom right: church service activity...painting a porch.

Needless to say, it was a fun trip down memory lane. I am pretty lucky to have had a friend like her in High School. And sitting in her parents playroom, talking about kids, and husbands, and jobs, and buying was like we hadn't skipped a beat.


  1. I don't know if I have ever seen a better tribute. Or laughed as hard. We are such nerds. Thats what I love about us. :)

  2. Also, I wish I could go through each picture and make a comment. :)

    1. Haha I would LOVE to hear your commentary on each picture!


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