Wednesday, September 11, 2013

rain rain, come and stay

so, on monday it rained for a few hours. it was more than awesome. my favorite arizona day thus far. for sure. i opened our big balcony doors and turned on the fan so all the humid cool air would replace all the yucky, stale air in our apartment. we spent our morning staring out the windows, on the balcony, or outside in the rain. multiple times i thought, "okay arizona, i can do this. lets be friends." 

when rae woke up from her first nap we decided to go on a little adventure walk. poor girl hasn't been around much rain and was pretty freaked out at first. but before long she was as fascinated and happy as i was. just breathing the fresh, cool air did us all a world of good. plus, the high for the day was 80°.


this might sound a bit dramatic to you guys....the joy i got out of a rainy day. but i kid you not, i smiled all day long.

^the whole courtyard behind me flooded, and turned into a mini pond^
^^she was a liiiiiitle freaked out at first, but she got the hang of it ^^

the pitter-patter of each drop hitting the roof and the tree's and the ground, the cooler temperatures, the beauty in a dark, cloud-filled sky, rain boots, rain jackets, splashing in puddles, damp hair, colorful umbrella's, open windows, thunder and's one of my surest recipes for happiness.

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