Sunday, September 29, 2013

that time arizona had my back

So we're on day 6 without G Frame.
We're doing better than expected. And most of the credit for that goes to my new friend, Arizona.

I'm looking back on the past week, and it really has been a blur. We've got a pretty good routine going on, so that helps the days go fast and smooth. And due to amazing weather and awesome friends, I've had at least one big thing to look forward to each day...whether it be playgroup, dinner with friends, Wednesday night activities with the youth, or just a quick hangout.

Rae and I have spent mornings at the park, and afternoons strolling through costco, hitting up the local Target, or going on what feels like a vacation to the luxurious Scottsdale Mall.

The high temperature this past week barely hit 90°. On Friday it was a beautiful 83° at it's hottest. And then I heard that Utah saw it's first snowflakes of the season that same day. And I thought, "Oh....I'm sure glad to be Arizona."

I just feel like Arizona had my back this past week. It's tough being home all day with Rae, without being able to look forward to having a husband come home at the end of the day. It would have been pretty rotten if, on top of that, we were stuck inside due to the heat. It's like Arizona knew I wasn't getting a break from parenthood, so it decided to give me a break from the heat.

I feel like it winked at me and said, "This one goes out to Kaela!

And we gratefully accepted and took advantage of that beautiful gift! THANK YOU ARIZONA!!
^Scottsdale Mall.....didn't spend a dime, thank you very much^
^Christmas toys at Costco^
^sharing a bowl of ice cream before bed^

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  1. Looks like you are rocking single parenthood! Oh my oh my Rae is so cute and her Peter Pan collar is the cutest ever!


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