Wednesday, October 16, 2013

a lil sunday hike

I find myself liking Arizona more and more as time passes. At the beginning, when we didn't know anybody and it was a million degree's outside and Garrett took our only car to work and our families were so far away and I was going through a bit of a funk....ya, it might have been a little bit rough.

But I can't tell you how many times over the past few weeks when I've just been driving along that I thought, "My goodness, I really really like this place."

Back in April, moving to Arizona for a job was so far out of our minds, so when the option to come here came into the picture...we were totally thrown off by it. But within a few days, it was pretty undeniable that this was kind of meant to be for our little family.

And I can honestly say that we are really really happy to be here. Even aside from the awesome weather lately, we've made some truly great friends, we are both enjoying our church callings, and this desert scenery is even beginning to grow on us.

On Sunday, we met up with some friends of ours to do a nice little sunday hike in Scottsdale. At first I was like, hu-uh....hike's and new friends don't mix very well. I need a little bit longer with them before I'm okay with them seeing how out of shape I am.

Am I right, though? Don't you feel like you gotta make enough of a good impression before you show someone you're sweaty, breathless, out of shape self!? Or is that just me?

Garrett reminded me that I did a much harder hike while very very pregnant with Rae, and if I could survive that, then I would be able to survive this. Still, I was a bit nervous.

I don't even know why I wrote this huge long prelude to the hike, because it ended up being totally awesome. It was barely more than a nice little walk and we all loved it. Rae was happily strapped to G's chest with a handful of gold fish for the majority of the time, and at every step of the way there were seriously stunning views. Also, we were in the shade for the majority of it and there was a perfect little breeze to make it that much better. After we left, I told Garrett that I would be happy doing that 'hike' on a weekly long as he continues to carry Rae the whole time ;)

^right before she took a little tumble and scraped up her forehead^
^checking out some other potential hikes...because now that we've done one hike, we're atomically big hikers...obvi^
^running wild after being strapped to dad^
^makes my heart happy^


  1. Did you guys hike camelback? So fun seeing you enjoying all the things I grew up with. :) When I was about eight I repelled off of camelback. :) Good times! And poor Rae. They always fall down at the WORST times. :(

    1. Ali! It was Pinnacle Peak I think......? But I've heard that we've to to try out Camelback next. I'll be picturing your 8-year-old-self the whole time!

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