Tuesday, October 01, 2013

day 8

Okay. I'm ready for Garrett to come home now.

I really really miss my husband, but I miss my baby-daddy even more.

I feel like my breaking point, the point where my patience levels drop drastically, is getting earlier and earlier every day. And Rae's breaking point is doing the same. My weaknesses as a parent, are so Garrett's strengths. And I think she's ready for a break from my weaknesses (I don't blame her.). In all honestly, it really hasn't been that bad, at all. But yesterday evening, I just thought to myself, "Okay, this can end now. I'm ready for G to be home."

We had just gone for a little swim, which Rae loved. And we came home hungry and cold and both needing a shower/bath. So I thought, I'll just bring her in the shower with me...kill two birds with one stone. Well, it went as bad as it could possibly go. Literally, I ended up sitting on the bathroom floor wrapped in a soaking wet towel, with my hair dripping of shampoo, holding a crying baby who refused to be put down. We eventually got everything situated and we were both clean and happy. And then during dinner, Rae grabbed a handful of mac & cheese and rubbed it in her hair. So I threw her in the bath again (less than an hour after the first shower), but she was so traumatized from the shower, that she cried the whole time.

Once we were all dry, we face-timed Garrett to say hi. He was just getting home, to his maid-cleaned resort hotel, from his free beach-side dinner of fresh fish and lobster-tail. I cried.

I think that was probably the worst hour since he's been gone. It was just one thing after another, and I was really tired, and the house was a mess, and I really missed my baby-daddy.

A stack of bedtime stories and a sleeping baby later, I was cuddled up on the couch with a big bowl of ice cream watching my latest shows on hulu. So it all ended okay. And today was great. And I only have three more sleeps before my favorite guy is home!

We'll survive.

Also, side note: Garrett is working really hard in FL....so it's not all fun and games. He just gets to eat really really really well while he's not working his bum off. I think he would have wanted that noted. 

And honestly, I'd totally do it all again just to make sure I got this cute pic of my girl. I mean, come on! 

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