Wednesday, October 30, 2013


I'm really happy to count myself among this group of people.
This is the Frame fam...Garrett's Dad's family. These were taken last Christmas at a rare moment when every single member of the family was here in AZ for a mission homecoming. Now, not even a year later, we have a couple missionaries out, a new baby Charlie, and a soon-to-be baby Navy. Plus a potential in-law or two that might be joining the next family pic....whenever that'll be. 

The beauty in the middle is Grandma Robin. She's one of mine and Garrett's favorite people. After Garrett proposed to me, she was one of the first people we saw/told. She held my hand so tight and said, "I'm so happy to see there's going to be another Mrs. Frame! Welcome to the club, Kaela!" Few sentences have ever made me happier....I'm in great company when it comes to that club. We miss living in Provo with Grandma, but look forward to a visit or two from her this winter. 

Anyways, I recently stumbled across these pics, and they put the biggest smile across my face. I just had to share. When it comes to in-laws, I really hit the jack-pot! 

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