Thursday, October 03, 2013


Making: lists of things to do here in AZ this holiday season. Pumpkin patches, train rides, Santa!

Cooking: rarely....Since G's been gone, my homemaking juices have run quite dry by 5pm.

Drinking: hot chocolate. Even though it's still stinkin' hot here....but that's never stopped me before. Year round, baby! 

Reading: No Doubt About It, by Sheri Dew. It's goo.oo.oood.

Wanting: to be a better me.

Looking: at houses. All day, erry day. Less fun and more stressful than I thought it would be...

Playing: with my girl, Rae Kae. Blocks, stuffed animals, hide and seek, catch...the usual.

Wasting: all my shopping talents with this dang house-fund sucking up all the money.

Eating: lots of fruit and veggies. No prep...just how I like it.

Sewing: a quiet book for Rae. It's coming together rather awfully, if I do say so myself.

Wishing: upon all the stars....something that has always made my soul happy.

Enjoying: this phase of life. Just the three of us, doing our thing. I feel very comfortable with where I'm at in life right now.

Waiting: for the weather to cool off just a teeeeensy bit more so I can pull out some of my favorite fall outfits!

Going: to Zupa's yesterday was the highlight of my week. Everything was free. Everything! It was like a really really really good dream....but in real life.

Liking: this place called Arizona. A lot.

Wondering: how much longer I can last without chopping a few solid inches off my hair. These split ends will be the death of me.

Loving: how Rae's little personality is starting to peek out throughout the day, more and more.

Hoping: Garrett's flight isn't delayed tomorrow.

Marveling: at the love one can feel for their family. It's nearly impossible to explain, but I didn't even know I could love like this. It's the most beautiful thing I've ever experienced.

Needing: my husband next to me when I fall asleep. To protect us from all the bad guys, obviously.

Wearing: my retainer for the first time in years. Ouch. Or shall I say, thexy.

Following: all the coverage on this government's made me rather sad. And disappointed. And worried.

Noticing: more than ever that God is intricately involved in the simplest aspects of my day-to-day.

Thinking: about what the future might hold for my little family.

Bookmarking: couches, paint colors, lamps, rugs, art.

Giggling: as I read old letters and notes between Garrett and I.

Pinning: quotes, recipes, and decorating ideas.

Feeling: so much gratitude for this imperfectly perfect life I live.

Seeing: lots of colorful desert sunsets.

Missing: my iphone for the maps and the camera....but not for anything else. We're totally digging this little 'unplugged' experiment over here!

Teaching: Rae the names of all her toys.

Writing: letters to my favorite missionary in the Philippines!

Listening: to the Civil Wars Pandora station. Seriously my favorite.

Watching: Rae follow an ant around at the park today. Pure entertainment.

Trying: to figure out a new, inexpensive, challenging, fun hobby to pick up. Any ideas?

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  1. I LOLed at your "thexy" voice! I'm glad your man is returning today! Also, free zupas? I'm so jealous right now.


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