Monday, October 28, 2013

no tricks, just treats

^ not sure about that cotton candy....and a mommy who didn't dress up^
^ G and his buddy Isac threw on mustaches and called it a costume ^
^ I can't get over those little beads and jewels ^
A lot of my childhood memories of Halloween take place in our church parking lot, running around with the kids from my congregation, going from trunk to trunk where a friendly parent would be dressed up handing out candy. The annual trunk-or-treat was the surest and fastest way to get a big collection of above-average candy. This year, we were pretty excited to experience our ward trunk-or-treat from a parent's perspective.

Rae was lucky enough to score an awesome genie/belly dancer outfit from her Grandma and Grandpa who picked it up while on a recent Mediterranean cruise. This thing is the real deal! And Rae loves it! We've put it on her several times and you can tell she just feels so pretty in it. Sometimes, in the morning, she finds the little hat and walks around wearing it with her jammies for the rest of the morning. 

This year's trunk-or-treat definitely out-did my old childhood memories. The church was decked with halloween booths....cake walks, haunted hallways, a professional photo booth, face painting, pumpkin bowling, etc! And no church function is complete without food (#obvi), so we munched on hot dogs, snow cones, and cotton candy!

Rae's costume was a huge hit! I still don't know how I got Garrett to let her leave the house with her belly exposed......she just looked so cute, neither of us could resist! With a belly like could we not show it off?!?!?!

By the end of the night, all the kids were walking from trunk-to-trunk in their costumes! Rae loved walking with all the kids, but was pretty unsure about the actual trick-or-treating. When we'd hold up her bucket for candy she'd burst into tears, thinking we were giving her bucket away. I think she was also confused when her bucket got heavier at every trunk. By the end she was just dragging it. 

Rae came home and crashed after such a stimulating evening. Which is when Garrett and I promptly divvied up her candy, taking turns claiming them one-by-one. It was awesome! When we finished, we threw all her candy back in the bucket and randomly munched on it while watching netflix. I have to say, being a parent of a trick-or-treater is just as fun as being the actual trick-or-treater....and we still got more candy than we could eat!

P.s. How awesome is it that Garrett wore shorts, I wore short sleeves, and Rae wore a belly shirt at the end of October?!!!!! Arizona,'s somethin' else!

-Love, K


  1. Oh your little girl is the cutest. I love her costume!

  2. Great description - she looks so cute!

  3. Haha! Awwww! She's so cute! I haven't seen many toddlers dress up as gypsies before. Way to be unique!

    Sue // Chevron & Lace


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