Monday, October 14, 2013

punkin patch

Us Frames are big fans of the weekends. I live for them. Sure, I love kickin it with Rae during the week, but I feel like 6pm on Thursday rolls around (which we officially dub Sir-Start-of-the-Weekend since G only works until 11:30 on fridays #bestever), and life just jumps to a whole new level of awesome. In every sense of the word. Whether we bum around the house or spend our days out-and-about, I am rarely unsatisfied with that beautiful combo of friday, saturday, and sunday.

On top of that, I think October is one of the more impressive of all the months. I haven't always felt this way though. For one, Utah and Idaho October is usually the home of the shockingly fast onset of winter. One day I was like, "Wow, look at all those amazing colors on the mountains." And then next day I was like, "Crap, it snowed three feet." And for two, I've never been the biggest Halloween groupie.'s not my favorite. I don't like being scared so halloween movies and haunted houses do me no good. And usually I'm just anxious for November to hit so I can whip out the Christmas music and decorate for the holidays.

That being said, I think October is a fan of Arizona because it treats us real good down here. We're all open windows and evening walks and long pants with short sleeves. And at any moment I could go for a mug of hot chocolate or a bowl of ice cream (though lets be honest....that's every month for me). And so I'm like, "meh...I can wait a couple more weeks before turning on Josh Groban's Christmas CD." Which I know sounds like some serious crazy talk, but it's just that awesome over here.

Also, word on the street is that it's only going to get better with each passing month. Can it be true?!

Annnnnyways, this weekend was nothing short of exceptional. One of the highlights was hitting up the Scottsdale pumpkin patch with our good friends, the Simpsons. I'm sitting here remembering it, trying to put the experience into words, and I just keep giggling. It was pretty funny. We started out at Macdonad's Farm and explored a bit, and then took a tractor/train to the patch. At the farm, the big kids rode the horses while Rae giggled and pointed and tried to neeeeigh like a horsie. We had a bit of a shoot-off with some water guns, and then we ventured over to the petting zoo. Which, it was awesome........but Rae is clearly allergic to something because all of a sudden she was like a big mess of snot. Still, we hung out with the sheep, goats, mini-donkies, pigs, chickens, and bunnies for a good chunk of our outing. She literally ran around the place squealing and giggling and causing the cutest scene. Obviously the snot didn't bother her too much.
Tyler and Abby on the horses!
Tyler was the sweetest with Rae, especially in the petting zoo. Here he was holding up the goat's ear for rae, and telling her that it was safe for her to touch.
the bunnies!! our favorite!
washing hands after the animals // rae being a grump in the maze after a bit of a tumble/head-bonk
Then we jumped on the train which took us to the pumpkin patch. Lets be honest though, it looked a lot like the parking lot of winco. A few stacks of hay with shipped-in pumpkins on display and they called it a pumpkin patch. I was reminded that we live in Arizona...I don't know why I was expecting a farm of pumpkins still on the vine.....But that's okay. We enjoyed looking at the pumpkins, but we didn't pick any out. Might as well just really go to the winco parking lot and buy one for half the price, am I right?
the whole gang!
By the end of it, Rae's face was all splotchy and her eye was starting to swell, so we called it good and done. Successfully good and done though. We really did have a great time! Also, Rae wore her cowgirl boots....which always means success!!


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  1. One of the best things about fall for sure! I love making these memories with my family too.


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