Friday, October 04, 2013

t-minus 2 hours

Garrett is officially on his last leg of flights from Vera Beach, Florida to Phoenix, Arizona.
Which, cool, whatever. Oh, already? That went by fast. I probably could have handled a couple more days....but I guess he's on his way, so....sure.

Okay, serious faces now. I've probably done at least 10 sessions of excited giggles with accompanying jumping up and down, just within the last 2 hours. I don't know how many times I've said, "Rae!!! Daddy's coming home today! Daddy!! Soon we get to be with Daddy!" I think she's a little confused, because who knows how time works in those young brains and 'soon' hasn't made a home in her department of understanding yet. But I'm guessing she knows something is up because the house is clean and Mommy took a shower and the energy in the air is suddenly buzzing (a stark contrast to the stale, exhausting energy we've been living in the past few days). Also, cookies. Daddy is always nearby when cookies are involved! 

We're pretty excited for him to come home. In all honesty, I think Rae is a little bitter that he left in the first place. She's refused to even acknowledge his presence on face-time these last few days. Either that, or she's just over it. In which case, she didn't inherit her ability to easily be far from loved-one's from me. Last night she refused to even look at the ipad, which has never ceased to captivate her before (face-time or not). But even with that harsh rejection, we all know that it's going to be all giggles between Rae and Daddy tonight, and then when she goes to sleep it's going to be like, "Oh hey wife, I missed you too." Which is fine, I'm the same wife he left 2 weeks ago, but Rae is a totally different Rae.

We are SOOOO excited! Technically Rae is asleep right now...which, who can sleep at a time like this?!?! But I am tip-toeing around to steal as many seconds of quiet peace as possible. Every mom knows that napping seconds go by much faster than awake seconds. So I feel like the longer she naps, the faster Garrett will be home? Does that even make sense? Anyways, that's why I've found myself here (for the second time today...:).

I really do think that Garrett is coming home to a different house than he left. For starters, all the ice cream is gone. So, there's that. But also, Rae....Two weeks is a long time for a one year old. She is talking sooooo much more. Now she can distinguish between her different bath toys and can pick out the penguin versus the seahorse when asked. She's started singing a ton. Her dancing is pretty much the same....still a master of the head-bang, her signature move. She had walking down before he left, but she's wasn't as practiced or as insistent that she walk herself ev-ery-where! She's not running yet, but she whips out a mean trot when she wants to, which is new. And her vocabulary has more than doubled. I just think he'll be surprised to come home to this singing, trotting, toy-labeling daughter of his..........who just woke up. So that's my cue! 

Pictures. Of us three chillin at Costco a few Saturday's ago. Ya know.

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