Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Ten Tuesday Thoughts

1. Today I get to meet Ann Romney. nbd.................jk, bd. BD! Every day I wish that she was the first lady.

2. This weekend I burned a chunk out of my arm. It was pretty stupid. I was making pizza for dinner, and had preheated my pizza stone in the oven; once it was hot, I reached in to get it out. I had an oven-mit for the stone, but while reaching in, I accidentally pressed my arm into the coil on the top of the oven....hard. I didn't even feel it, I just heard it (#gross). I immediately put ice and cold running water over it....so it really never hurt. But it looked awful. Luckily our good friends were on their way over, one of whom is a doctor. There's just something comforting about having a doctor look at an injury. His diagnosis: 3rd degree burn, and delicious pizza!

3. Plane tickets to Boise are on sale right now. It took all my willpower not to buy one. Basically it's taking all my will-power not to buy everything in sight.

4. It's getting less and less hot here! Tomorrow the high's are going to start being in the 70's....perfect!

5. Yesterday I stumbled across some old pictures that completely melted my heart. Where did my baby go?

6. Rae's little personality is revealing itself more and more now-a-days, and it's the most fun to watch. More on this later.

7. Today I have mediation with the tenants in the apartment below us. Aint nobody got time for that. The whole situation is 100% ridiculous and I'm pretty super frustrated that I have to spend part of my day defending myself for walking around my apartment. I believe the complaint was that we are either "walking around with steel boots on" or "practicing gymnastics"........I don't even know how to do a cartwheel....and steel boots, do those even exist?! Siiiiiiigh. The funny thing is that we have spent the last two months (since they moved in) walking around on our tippy toes, and we continue to be harassed. This just in: If you don't want to hear occasional noises above/around you...don't live in an apartment, on the bottom floor.

8. The other day Rae and I hit up petsmart.....that girl loves animals! You can't tell that much in the pictures (sorry they're blurry), but she was in. heaven. She was fascinated with every animal, and when I picked her up to take her to the next section, she cried until we got to more animals. Also, we got to the cats, and this grey cat that was sitting in the back all mopey, jumped up and came to the glass where Rae was....I swear they had some sort of connection. They were like instantly best friends. I thought about bringing it home....but couldn't bring myself to do it. It was really sad to pull Rae away though.

9. Can I decorate for Christmas yet?

10. Yesterday Rae and I went to Target. After making our purchase we were sitting in our car, ready to go home. I was digging through my purse to find my keys.....when suddenly my driver side door swung open and someone was standing there. All the emails that my grams sent me about locking the door once you're in your car, or finding your keys before leaving the store, and leaving as soon as you get in the car, flashed through my head! Luckily it was just and old lady who was just as surprised as I was. All she said was, "Oh!" I was so startled/scared that my only response was, "Wrong car." And she said, "Wow....this looks just like my car!" As I drove away I saw her getting into a black car in the aisle over....my car is silver.

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