Wednesday, October 09, 2013

to remember at 14-months

Rae is 14 months old today! She's making us laugh more than ever now, and I wanted to document a few bunch of our favorite things about this stage before she moves on to the next stage. I'm pretty positive that this is only interesting to me and maybe her grandma's and aunts.....probably not even her grandpa's or uncles or anyone else. But I had to document it somewhere!

----She never crawls anymore, only walking. Which, it still throws me off guard to see my little human walking everywhere. Today she ran across the living room and both Garrett and I gasped as we realized that she was going much to fast to stop herself before slamming into our porch doors. Obviously we need to give her more credit because she stopped just fine.....watching her reach big milestones is so much fun!

----After she takes a bite of something, she almost always goes, "mmmmm mmmm mm!" I think we've done that in the past after giving her new food to convince her that it's yummy, and obviously she picked up on it because she does it all the time. And it's the cutest.

----The girl is obsessed with accessorizing. Big headbands and flowers have never been my style, so I don't know where she learned it....but she loves any form of accessory. She'll spend 5 minutes trying to get her headband on right, and then she'll walk around with it backwards, or upside down, or over her eyes for the rest of the day. She loves my hair-ties and puts them on as bracelets. The other day I was emptying the dishwasher and I heard her giggling in her room, I peeked in to see her proudly admiring her two 'bracelets' on each wrist. Also, necklaces! She found a shoe lace and put it over her shoulders and was in heaven! Needless to say, she as girly as they get.

----On that same note....she loves shoes! One of the first things she does in the morning is bring me a pair of her shoes (usually matching too! #smartestbabyever) and she plops down and lifts up her feet for me to put them on her. This morning it was her fancy church shoes with her mismatched pj's.....cutest ever! She pretty much demands to wear shoes at all times.

----Hearing Rae talk is one of the funnest (most fun?) things about this stage. She says book, ball, block (<- though they all sound the same), dada, mama, hi, bye bye, nigh-night, good girl. She's starting to imitate us more and more; yesterday Garrett was telling Rae, "Say good girl....grandpa....rae rae....charlie....grandma...." and her response too all of them was the same: "guh-guh!" So she definitely has a long way to go....but just having her play along is really fun, and she's learning really fast!

----Music/dancing.....she loves it!

----She's pretty picky and stubborn when it comes to food. I was a really picky kid....and teenager....and adult, so I feel like I'm just getting what I deserve on this one. We've realized that there's really nothing you can do to make a one year old eat something. Surprisingly, she loves green veggies! She'll eat all the peas, broccoli, and green-beans in the world....but she struggles with meats and certain fruits and even pasta sometimes. Silly girl.

----She's still sleeping from 8:30pm to 8:30am. Half the time we do two naps, and the other half of the time she only needs one. Every time we go into her room to get her after she wakes up, she scrambles to grab all her blankets (usually three) and holds on really tight to them as she waits for us to get her out of her crib. We like to leave her blankets in her crib though, so once we pick her up she quickly throw's them all back into her crib and waves goodbye to them. The whole sequence of events never ceases to make me smile.

----We are learning our animals and the accompanying noises and actions. She has mastered the dog bark (but it really sounds more like a dog whine), a lizard tongue, a bunny scrunching it's nose, fishy lips, a lion growl, and an elephant noise. I didn't realize how much fun it would be to start teaching her intellectual things rather than just physical things.

----She has a little bucket that we used as her easter basket, and she spends her days filling it up with toys and carrying it around with her. I think we need to get our girly girl a purse.

----She's constantly blowing kisses.....or she puts her hand over our mouth to blow kisses for us :)

----Her whining as hit a whole new level lately. She's very quick to whine....and very loud....and she'll whine for a loooooong time until she get's what she wants. The other day, I was texting G and she came up to me, grabbed my phone, and tried to rip it out of my hands. I held on and calmly said, "No no Rae, Mommy is using the phone right now." And she burst into tears and began throwing the biggest tantrum! I tried my best to ignore it and avoid rewarding her poor behavior, but it completely threw me off guard. I ended up videoing it to send Garrett.....does that make me a bad mom? :)

----Probably one of my favorite things she does: when she's confused or curious about something, she turns her hands up (as if to say what), and does this high pitched little "huhh???" Yesterday she came up to me with her hands up saying, "Bah(ball).....huh.....bah.....huh???" It was pretty awesome to know that she was asking where her ball was....and to see how happy she was when I helped her find it.

----She is definitely only wearing 18-24m sized clothes...and up. She's a chunk just like her momma was.  Not only that, but she's really dense. People are often surprised at how heavy she is when they hold her. Rae is the youngest of a group of 3 cousins all within a few months of each other...pretty sure she is definitely the heaviest. What can I say....the girl knows how to pack it in! Which I love!

----On that same note, I'm constantly amazed at how much she comprehends. I think I just underestimated her....but I'm quickly learning not to. After we change her diaper, she throws it away all by herself. She knows that "clean up" means she needs to put her toys back on the shelf or in the bins. And she heads straight for the bathroom when we say "bath time." I'm just always amazed at the things she's picked up on all on her own. She knows what to do when we say, 'give me a kiss!' 'give that to mama/dada,' "don't go that way," "don't touch/eat that," "come look at this!".....and she can pick out specific toys when we ask her, "Where's your dog/ blocks/ boxes/ book/ doll/ froggie/ blanket/ car/ bracelet/ etc." I know it shouldn't, but it still totally blows my mind when she does what I ask. It's really rewarding.

----I don't know if this is just her age, or if she's shy....but when other kids are around, she really keeps to herself. She's not scared of them, but she's more happy playing by herself. Also...sharing...eek...we're working on that :)

----Until recently, only one of her top teeth had come was totally in and the other front tooth hadn't even started coming down yet, and we always joked that it was like a cyclops tooth. Then her other tooth came in......and there is the biggest gap between those front teeth (she can thank her dad for those genes). It cracks me up all day.

----The hair on the back of her head is full of curls :)

----I don't know how it's even possible, but we fall more and more in love with her every day.

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