Thursday, October 10, 2013


Today the high is 71°. It's amazing. I've got the windows open, my favorite long pants on, and I rummaged through my sock drawer for the first time in a couple moons. Also, Rae is napping, G got to stop home real quick on his way to a job site, I caught up with both my sistas, and I'm drinking the most delicious herbal tea. I feel like today is just what this burnt-out Momma needed.

Isn't that so typical of life though? Things are less than easy for a time, and then, just when it's about to be too much to handle, ya get a lil break in one form or another. Today I feel like life was like, "Hey Kae, here's a little sum'in-sum'in in the form of long pants and an extra long nap.....pull out that chamomile tea and turn on pandora and have yourself a lil breather!"
Thank you, life. It is so appreciated!

Garrett got home on Friday night. We spent the next two days bummin around and he went back to work on Monday. And then I woke up that morning to a grumpy babe and I was like, "Hey....this really isn't that much different than when he was in FL..." But then, around 6:30 he called me to say he was coming home (yiiiiippppppeeee!!!!) and that he was starving ( mean you're not still full from all the lobster and shrimp you had last week?). Dinner? that my job? I whipped something mediocre up and Garrett spent his evening studying for a class he's taking, which was fine because I ran to the store by myself and realized that it was my first time being truly alone in a looooong time. It. was. awesome. Then on Tuesday G worked for 15.5 hours. That wasn't awesome. And then yesterday we only saw each other for like 2 hours. Also, buying a house is stressful. And the people who live below us are meanies.

And so I've been feeling a little burnt out. But today is the exact remedy for that. And tonight I have a hot date with my favorite husband. And tomorrow we are scheduled to do a bunch of walk-throughs...which I have a really good feeling about! And Saturday we're hitting up the pumpkin patch! So things are definitely on the up-n-up!

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