Saturday, November 30, 2013

Christmas came early!

This year, for Christmas, Garrett bought me……my very own house!
We are more than a little excited to have a place to call our own!

Since we've been married, we've lived in 9 different apartments or homes; we've never stayed in one place for more than 9 months. Being adventurers has been a blast and I wouldn't have had it any other way. But settling down in one spot, painting a wall or two, and buying a bbq grill for the backyard patio…..well, that all sounds like fun, too!

A few months ago, I was talking to my cousin, who gave me a little advice on buying a home. She said something along the lines of, "You're the mom, Kaela. And with that title, comes a lot of rights. One of those rights is that when you go looking for a potential home, a place that you will raise your family, that will be a shelter for your loved ones, you'll be able to feel it. Sometimes a house will look perfect on paper…it'll have everything you could ever want in a house. And you'll walk in and just know that it's wrong for your family. And then one day you'll walk into 'your home.' And you'll just know. You'll just be able to feel it!"

She was totally right.

We really love our new little abode. It's the perfect starter home. It's small, but big enough. A great layout. A cute little backyard, full of fluffy grass. Three minutes from the park, four minutes from the library, and five minutes from the new temple.
^a little photo shoot in the living room after getting the keys!^
Last week, we signed our name to fifty million papers and handed over the largest check we've ever written. And then we got in the car and G was like, "So….we just bought a house!" It was kind of anticlimactic since we still had to wait a few days to get our keys, but that's okay. We pulled up to the house for the first time and said to Rae, "We're home!" Which is the first time that we've ever really been able to say that!

Rae played in the backyard as I walked through with Garrett, telling him how I wanted to change this, and paint that, and which tree's to trim and to let grow. We picked out Rae's room and talked color schemes. The whole house is green and yellow…which obviously has to change. I, having never painted a wall in my life, voted we paint the whole house before moving in. Garrett obviously objected. We compromised and agreed to paint two rooms before moving in, and the rest within the next year or so.

So we've spent the last week taping and painting and touching up all the spots that I messed up ;). We bought our fridge and got the carpets cleaned and started moving a few things over in the process. I think we'll still wait another week or so before officially moving, since we sill have our apartment for awhile. But we go over almost every single day, just for fun!

We love knowing that Arizona is permanently our home for now, and that we won't have to fill out any of those dang 'change of address' forms for a quite a long time! It's really exciting to imagine how our family will grow and what we will experience in this, our first house! Hopefully, in a few decades, we'll take Rae and her future siblings back here to show them our first home. We'll tell them stories about how they learned to ride their bike on that sidewalk right there, or where they colored on the wall, or whatever other adventures are awaiting us!

It's all just really exciting for us. Probably definitely the best Christmas present I've ever gotten!

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