Thursday, November 07, 2013

girls night!

So....Rae and I have been in desperate need of some serious girl time lately, so we decided to kick Dad out of the house for a few days so we could have one massive girls week!! We made him go to North Carolina on Sunday, and I think we'll let him come back home tomorrow.

Okay actually, Garrett had another last minute work trip, so that's why he left. I know you didn't believe me in the first place because I'm way too obsessed with that boy to purposely be apart from him for any extended period of time. But instead of being all mopey about his absence, Rae and I decided to just look at it like a little break from alllllll the manlyness he brings into our home, so we could do a few more girly things than usual.

I mean, she is my bff. And it's high time I show her the beauty of a girls night! Those babies are one of the biggest perks of being a girl, am I right?! I'm right.

We spent our week reading books, making homemade cookies, watching chick-flicks (or baby einstien....same thing?), going to the library, crafting, and we even had a rockin' sleepover with Rae's best friends!

I haven't hardly taken any pictures, because the day after I sold my iPhone, Rae went and broke my point-and-shoot. But tonight we pulled out the big guns, as far as girls nights go....and it just couldn't go without being documented. So these pics were taken with the photo-booth on my computer. They aren't the highest quality, but they're the best I could do.

We started out the night at Zupas where we filled our tummies with the yummiest soup and salad. Then we window shopped at the local outdoor mall. When we were all shopped out, we came home and got in our comfiest leggings and baggiest t-shirts, tied up our hair, and put on face masks. Then we ate chocolate ice cream, had a dance party, and told each other our biggest crushes (hint: it was Garrett....Don't tell her I told you).

^ even though it's fuzzy, her face kills me    ///   and because I'm obsessed with her strawberry diapers^
^all clean^
In case you were nervous, the face mask is totally chemical free, and not harsh at all. Even still, I only put a little on her cheeks and forehead. She sat soooo still while she watched me put it on her in the mirror. It was like she knew it was going to be awesome. Like she had been waiting for this day her whole life....the day she wore her first face mask. I don't think it disappointed.

Rae really is the coolest chick ever. She's my very best friend. And I so look forward to a million more girls night's in our future!


  1. You're such a cute mom! I can't even handle it! Absolutely PRAYING I have girls myself...for all the above reasons.

    1. Oh thanks Lisa! I'm sure you will have the cutest little girls someday!


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