Saturday, November 23, 2013

life lately, through pictures.

My goodness, where did this week go?! 

I feel like Sunday was barely yesterday, and next thing I know it's almost Sunday again! We've had a bit of an exciting week, which has kept us extra busy and distracted from normal life (and this little bloggy). Stay tuned next week for more on that though. For now, I basically wanted to throw out some random pics, most of which have nothing to do with each other other than the fact that they all needed to be documented. 
Let's just get right to it, shall we?

^This beauty is from a few weeks ago, on our way to drop G off at the airport for a business trip. These two are something else. They are my people. And that G Frame is suuuuuuch a good dad. So much so that even trying to find the words to describe it instantly makes my eyes well up with tears. I'm a lucky gal. 

This girl and her bath time…'s so funny. I'll start the water and she'll run to the bathroom while signing 'bath' over and over and over. Then between signing, she pulls and tugs on her shirt and lifts up her feet for me to help her take her pants off. No matter how cold the water is at first, she never waits to get in. And then it's rubber duckies and splashing from then on. Also, the bum dimples. Can't forget them.

Awhile ago we whipped out our artistic skills and decorated us some good ol' gingerbread houses with these great people! I'm all about celebrating Christmas as early as possible (basically all year long if we're being honest). I think more candy ended up in our bellies than on the houses….and there was a lot of candy on those houses. Lots of candy and lots of laughing….that pretty much sums up the night. And lots of snuggling with little miss baby Avery, too!
I was worried about Rae picking off the candy once we had it on display so I put it up high where she couldn't reach it. Even still, a few days later I noticed that almost all the gummies on the roof were missing. Sure enough, just as I was trying to figure out how she reached it, Garrett walked in and picked off a handful and plopped them in his mouth. He's a silly one, that kid. 

^Shoes. Always. Really though. Always.^

It goes like this: Bath, diaper, pj's, and then Rae plays in this little nook for as long as we let her. Then story time and then bed. 
Every night. 

Our porch has become Rae's daytime entertainment. I can't say I blame her. Also, we're pretty excited that her chucks finally fit!

And that's all I got for now.
Life is just pretty dang good.
And we're pretty dang happy.
And pretty dang blessed. 

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