Friday, November 01, 2013

the three engineers

Today I stumbled across pics of some of our best friends ever, who we spent quite a lot of time with in Provo! I don't know how I haven't blogged this already, but I figured better late than never. Garrett went through the last two years of his Civil Engineering program at BYU with Kyle and Ryan. He rarely had a class without at least one of them. They studied together, did homework together, and basically got through the program together. By the time graduation came along, those three were basically the three musketeers engineers! Conveniently, all of us are from Boise area, so we would often dream about how someday we'd all end up back in Boise where the boys would open their own engineering firm together. We're still planning on that ;)

I didn't keep count of how many times me and Garrett and Kyle and Steph hung out, but it was a lot. We all had a mutual understanding that when the weekend came along, we were obviously going to get together. Sometimes we walked to the nearby crepe place, sometimes we just hung out and chatted, sometimes we watched a movie, usually we ate really good food (like this), and most of the time we played really fun games!

Just before graduation, Ryan & Lisa, Kyle & Steph, and Garrett and I all went out to dinner to celebrate the boys finishing the program together! We had the best time eating sushi, laughing, reminiscing, and talking about Ryan and Lisa's upcoming wedding and Kyle and Steph's soon-to-be little boy (aka: Rae's bff)! It was a really fun night!
^Kyle, Ryan, and Garrett^

We feel really lucky to have had these guys by our side through those last few years at BYU...and I'm really looking forward to the next time we can all meet up again! 


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