Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Thanksgiving Week

We've spent the last week packing and moving and cleaning and painting….and we're still not done. The only thing getting me through is knowing that we won't be moving for a long long time. Did you know that since getting married 3.5 years ago, G and I have never lived in one place for more than 9 months? We've moved 9 times, this house is #10. That's just plain ridiculous. I'm so so ready to settle in and stay for awhile.

It's a lot of work, moving and all. Which is why I'm not even surprised that yesterday poor G and poor Rae both came down with something yucky. I don't know how, but somehow it managed to miss me this time. Which means that in between soup-making and tucking them in for naps, I've been a mad tornado of cleaning, unpacking, and the painting. I don't mind it too much….it's just taking a bit longer than I expected. Maybe that's because I keep taking blogging breaks?!

Anywho, I wanted to post the last of our Thanksgiving week pics, when the Frames were in town. It was such a good time, and we ended the week with full bellies and happy hearts. Our days were filled with a little shopping here, and a little hiking there, but mostly just spending time with family. Rae was spoiled with more attention than she knew what to do with. And she milked it. She had uncles, grandparents, and G's aunt, uncle and cousins all doting on her. Grandma was never without a little bag of mini marshmallows, and Rae had unlimited access to them. Her uncles chased her and played with her, and pulled her around on her blanket like a magic carpet. Gwampa cuddled her and read to her and made her giggle like no one else could. She had her first taste of real mexican food, and she was definitely a fan. At the end of every day, she would konk-out in the car, before we even made it home. And she'd wake up the next morning, ready to party! Watching them drive away, back to Idaho, was kind of the worst. Rae has carried around her bunny non-stop ever since, and she's always scouring my pockets for marshmallows. Goooood thing we get to see them at the end of this week when we head home for Christmas!!!!
hiking pinnacle peak, loving the view!
Rae loooooves her Gwampa!
Rita's, of course!

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