Monday, December 23, 2013

the first date of christmas!

The 12 dates of Christmas is definitely one of my favorite Christmas traditions. I love having an extra excuse to spend quality time with that G Frame of mine. And dates all centered around the greatest holiday of the's seriously the best. This is our third year in a row doing the 12 Dates (past date's here, scroll down), and I love it more every year. Admittedly, a lot of the dates really aren't much of a date at all....sometimes just a movie on the couch while holding hands. And that's okay. As long as I get to hold my handsome husband's hand and giggle and smile and focus on the season. That's definitely good enough for me.
So for our first date of Christmas this year, we went to our local outdoor mall to see Santa light the big Christmas tree! And can I just say, walking around outside in short sleeves in's kind of the best. For a second I wondered if I would miss the cold and snow over Christmas....but I defiantly don't.

We pushed Rae in her stroller, though the decorated palm tree's, while we window shopped. Mrs. Clause was singing Christmas songs with all the kids while Santa took pictures and handed out candy canes. And once it got dark we all counted down while the kids jumped up and down and squealed in delight, and Santa lit that big beautiful tree! Right when it lit, we all cheered and smiled, and fake snow began to fall from the top of the light posts. Then Santa and Mrs Clause walked around giving all the children hugs and it was kind of just the most magical. Like, totally impossible not to smile.

We lingered as long as we could, and declared it the perfect kick-off to Christmas. And then we took pictures. Because obviously.

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