Wednesday, December 11, 2013

traveling woe's

Sorry for the absence, this household is currently recovering from a couple fun-filled weeks with family! Rae just came down with a little cold, the apartment is in shambles as we prepare to move to the house this weekend, and the fridge is quite bare. And yet, I'm sitting here in my fuzzy socks, writing, listening to Christmas pandora, and alternating sips of hot chocolate with spoonfuls of speculoos. That's how good these last few weeks have been!

Garrett's fam was here for Thanksgiving week, which was, ya know, the best (#obvi). And then last weekend we jetted off to Dallas to see my fam. Again, the best! Also sooooo cold! But still…..the best!

Garrett came back to AZ early, for work and all that bid-ness. And Rae and I made our way back yesterday. Which, it was a doozy of course….traveling by myself with a 16 month old. P.s. Rae is 16 month's old! That's sooooo old! 2 more months and she'll be in nursery…..which half of me is like "hallllllelujah!" and the other half is like, "but….my baby, she's not old enough to go nursery…". Actually it's probably more 51/49%. Nursery will be realllllllly nice. Okay, end digression…now. Onward!!!! Traveling.….it was rough. First there was traffic. Which I know, there's some law of the universe that demands that there must be heavy traffic on every route to an airport at every hour of everyday. Why this keeps surprising me, I don't know. So I'm literally running through the airport to make my flight, pushing Rae in her stroller (who, by the way, cheered "weeeee" the whole time). And I'm getting looks from people like, all pitying and stuff. Which is actually a nice thing for them to do, but in the moment it just makes me more upset.

Finally I arrive at our gate, only to find out that our flight was delayed. In the 7 minutes it took me to get my boarding pass and run to the gate, they delayed it. Come on. It would have been more of a bummer, except for the fact that, I kid you not, RIGHT across from our gate was the glorious pink and blue signage of the one and only, Baskin Robbins (#blessings!)! Rae and I sat there with our Praline's and Cream and our bright pink spoon's and said sang over and over, "There's really nothing that a scoop of Baskin Robbins can't fix." Which is totally true. But then we finished our scoop and it was back to the traditional traveling woe's. The flight was delayed one more time, which gave us time to pick up a muffin from Starbucks. I knew it would probably act as our dinner, so I picked the 'whole grain blueberry' which I later found out should actually have been named, 'no joke, the most crumbly muffin in existence.'

Fast forward a couple hours (right past the embarrassing event of Rae and I, and our 20 bags, coats, and the stroller trying to board the plane…those aisles are soo thin!). I was crammed in the window seat on a full flight, covered in Rae, blueberry muffin crumbles, and Rae's runny nose which must have seen how much fun we were having and wanted to join the party. Oh also, don't forget that in my panic of checking my bags and trying to make my flight (which was 1 minute away from being delayed, mind you), I threw Rae's wipes in the carseat bag, which got checked. Which meant that we spent the whole day traveling with zero wipes. Biggest regret of my life right there.

And then. I'm just going to come out and say it… daughter is a hitter. I can't be in denial about it anymore. The girl hits. Often. For a second I thought we hadn't quite crossed the line from 'she hits occasionally' to 'she's a full-blown hitter'….but yesterday we crossed that line. We sprinted past that line on the flight from Albuquerque to Phoenix.

She also learned how to pick her nose during the flight. So there was that too.

After the flight, when I was blocking the whole hallway while trying to open Rae's stroller (ya know, because that's the only way to do it) a nice older couple came up to me and said, "You're a great mom!" Which just made me laugh and cry simultaneously.

I literally ran into Garrett's arms and let him take over 'parent-duty' for the rest of the night, even though he had just come from a long day of work. When it comes to husbands, I got a really good one. He was all, "Let me buy you dinner, and here's a cookie…..why don't you go take a shower and then relax." Which…..I'm pretty sure I smelled bad, so that was the motive behind the shower. But he gets major points for the rest of it!

All in all, we are happy to be home. Nothing warms my heart like spending time with those I love most. We've been spoiled these last couple weeks with so much family, and we have loved it so. Aren't the holiday's the best?! Get ready for a picture overload in the posts to come. For the record, this post was supposed to be a picture overload, but I complained the whole time instead. Hah!

Some pictures though, because I can't not::
(the one's where Rae is happy/asleep were from when G was there. the one's where she's doing everything she can to escape my presence….that was when we were traveling by ourselves.)


  1. Okay, seriously, I can just imagine you trying to get off the plane and this sweet man coming up to you and saying that, it brought tears to my eyes. I'm always so grateful for those sweet people!!! You are a great writer, i love reading your blog! glad you got to spend some time with family!

    1. Thanks my friend! Kind-hearted old men really are the greatest, huh? Also, you should know that every time I see pictures of miss Havyn, I think she and Rae would make such great friends!!


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