Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Getting to spend a week in Idaho over the holidays was kind of the best Christmas present we got. Here are 10 reasons why we loved it so much, in no particular order.

1. The drive. Duh. Okay, actually not really. But kind of. It stunk being in the car for 16 hours each way, but it was really fun to sit next to Garrett for that time, holding his hand and talking. We reminisced, talked about Rae and parenthood, and G gave me a few lessons (followed by quizzes) on his favorite bands. The views weren't too bad ether. And Rae does shockingly well in the car. All of that, combined with delicious road-trip food….it was a good time!
check out that cutie photobombing our picture! 
2. The cold. A day or two before we left for ID, I found myself unpacking in our new house with all the windows and doors open….one of the many perks of Arizona. But I will admit that it didn't feel too terribly like Christmas. As we drove to ID, leaving the cacti and desert heat behind us, we slowly starting seeing more and more signs that it really was winter. The further north we went, the more snow we saw. G and I mentioned multiple times how we felt like we were driving to Christmas. We left AZ in short sleeves and sandals, and arrived in Idaho in ski jackets and snow boots! The snow was beautiful, and it added that much more magic to the season. But by the end of the week, we were super anxious to leave the bitter 12-degree weather and head back to our sunny, warm home state. 
The boys built a massive snowman, which was sadly vandalized the night before Christmas…we all got a good laugh out of it!
3. Grandma. When it comes to Grandma's, Rae got the best of them! Garrett's mom is probably the most doting, sweet, and loving grandma….ever. She's never too busy for her grandkids, always willing to stop what she's doing to read another book or give some loves. Rae truly loves her. 
4. Grandpa. If she hadn't already, Rae totally fell in love with her grandpa on this past trip. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that her grandpa and her dad look quite similar, but she always warms up to him quite quickly. The wrestling and tickling definitely help!
5. This is Miss Rae's pony. Grandpa and Grandma got it for her last year for Christmas….she wasn't too sure about it then, but she was definitely a fan this year! She rode her pony multiple times a day, every day, and was always asking for more. 
6. Enzlers! Thankfully, my brother Kyle and his fam are in Idaho, so I still got to spend a decent amount of time with my own family. We made our way there almost every day, and we always had a great time. Miss Tayler and Miss Ryenn are the sweetest big cousins, always willing to share and play with 'Baby Rae Rae' as they call her. The girls got a fun karaoke machine for Christmas, so we even and a little family concert where G and Ryenn did the most adorable duet. Heart = melted. 
Ryenn got this cute scooter for Christmas, and kindly let Rae ride it allllll morning. Uncle Ky was nice enough to push her all around the house, over and over. and over :)
look at how cute that duet is…wish I had gotten a video ^^^

7. Christmas Eve Dinner! For as long as my SIL Jade has been in the family, we've had a tradition of joining her family on Christmas Eve for a big celebratory dinner, a sweet message about the birth of our Savior, and a little meaningful gift. Even though my parent's are no longer in Idaho, Jade's mom made sure to text me a month in advance and let me know that I was still invited, and always would be. It's a sweet little tradition that will always warm my heart, and I was so happy that we were able to join! At the end of the night, after the most delicious dinner, we all gathered around Brent and Gigi and they read us a little poem that they wrote for the year. This year's poem was about Christmas lights, house lights, traffic lights, and most importantly, the light of the world. Then we all opened our gift's, which all tied into the poem! Rae got a light-up baby, I got a gorgeous candle, and G got a set of headlamps! 
8. Meeting up with friends! One of the most bitter parts about leaving Provo, was that we left so many of our great friends behind. Fortunately, our good friends Kyle and Steph are from the Boise area as well, so one of the first thing's we did once we arrived was schedule a time to meet up with them and their adorable baby boy…who also happens to be Rae's boyfriend. We met up for lunch, and it felt just like old times. Before too long, Kyle and G were caught up in their own conversation, and Steph and I were busy talking about babies, motherhood, and all that comes with that! It was such a good time and even though we miss them dearly, we are so grateful that a little distance hasn't affected us too much.
 9. Charlie. It breaks my heart to be apart from this cute nephew of mine, so we're always so so excited to get to see him in particular! Charlie is now 8-months old, and he is so sweet, so handsome, and so fun! It was also quite entertaining to watch Rae interact with him. She so badly wanted to be a good big cousin, trying her hardest to share and be gentle, but sometimes she just couldn't do it. Don't worry….we're working on it! 
Can't you just see how thrilled Rae was to be sharing my lap ^^
10. No work! Being in Idaho meant that G Frame had NOOOOO work! It was definitely my very favorite part about being in Idaho. I love spending time with that boo of mine! And I know that Rae loved getting to spend so much time with her Daddy. 

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