Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Ay yi yi!

Holla! After going sans-internet for the past month, we're finally back online. 

So I've got a million things to post about, naturally. The Christmas and New Years posts will be here shortly, but for now I wanted to document a little aspect of our lives presently. 

It goes like this……prepare yourself...

Basically, we're cursed. Seriously. 
This is not a good week to be a Frame.

Technically it started out last week, when the people who wanted to take over our apartment contract for us, backed out at the last second. Kind of financially devastating. If you know anyone in the phoenix area looking for an apartment, let me know! We'll hook them up!

THEN, on Monday we found out that someone stole and duplicated our credit card and has been using it for the past week. Had I had internet, I totally would have caught them sooner, but instead they were able to get away with quite a few purchases under our names. Here is where I'd like to go into an excessively long rant about dishonest people who think it's okay to take things that don't belong to them, but I'll spare you. Mostly because it would probably contain a lot of swear words, and I don't want to get judged. But seriously. 

THEN!! Tuesday morning, Rae and I decided to go on a nice little walk to our mail-boxes, to check the mail. Unfortunately, we were quickly stopped by a sight that I would definitely like to remove from my memory. A dead black-cat was sitting in our driveway. Even worse, it had clearly been eaten by some animal (probably a coyote). I'll spare you all the details, but it was literally the most gruesome thing I've ever seen. Also it was black. I mean, is there any thing worse than that on the bad-luck scale? I think we're doomed. 
With a husband who still had a solid day at work, and new neighbors who I knew were destined to walk past our house with their innocent, non-traumatized children, I took one for the team and cleaned it up myself. I know……Bad A.

Technically nothing horrid has happened today yet, but I'm waiting for it. Oh! Actually, Garrett was late for work for the THIRD day in a row today, even though he's been leaving ridiculously early (and earlier every day). When he texted me that this morning, I wasn't even surprised. It's because of the curse.

So. Fair warning, friends. Keep your distance this week. 

In the mean time, we'll be in the backyard looking for 4-leaf clovers. 

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