Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Christmas Dates - [the one in which I'm not a poet]

I'm actually super embarrassed pushing 'post' on this one, but I think it'll give me a good laugh when I look at it later. I'm no poet, but for some reason (a symptom of that dang christmas spirit, i guess), I felt like rhyming.
So, for your viewing pleasure, I present to you, an elementary-level poem of…
The 12 Dates of Christmas

For the first date of Christmas,
My true love came to me!
We went to see the Clauses, 
and watched them light the tree!

For the second date of Christmas, 
Out with my favorite dude. 
We went to fill our tummy, 
with the most delicious food!

[no picture….but we went out to a fun/romantic dinner when our flight to dallas was delayed. 
Since we RARELY go to restaurants, it was quite a treat.]

For the third date of Christmas, 
He took me to the trains. 
All the way in Dallas, 
After riding a few planes.

more on this coming soon!
The forth date of Christmas, 
On a very tight budget,
It brought us so much glee!

For the fifth date of Christmas,
We watched the classic flick,
We do so every Christmas,
A tale of old Saint Nick!

[we spared ourselves of the picture taking, but we cuddled up to The Santa Clause,
my #1 favorite Christmas classic!]

For the sixth date of Christmas, 
We made Rae Rae cry. 
Sitting on Santa's lap,
she decided to be quite shy.

For the seventh date of Christmas,
We sat down to Elf.
And made some yummy cookies,
Which G at all himself.

[again, no pics, but there was lots of cookies and cuddling, and of course it's not Christmas without Elf!]

For the eighth date of Christmas,
To a concert of holiday tunes.
We sat together in the back,
And cuddled up like spoons.

The ninth date of Christmas, 
With those we love so dearly,
to celebrate what we believe.

The tenth date of Christmas,
We ate our bellies full,
and talked until the end.  

The eleventh date of Christmas,
full of siblings and more food.
We ate and talked and laughed,
then a movie is what we viewed.

[not pictured: indian food with Kyle, Jade, and our three girls. followed by the latest wolverine movie once the kiddies were in bed! so much fun!]

The twelfth date of Christmas
a date full of good cheer.
Simple time spent together,
Ringing in the new year!

[back in AZ for new years eve, G and I made a fancy dinner, drank sparkling cider, and called it a night around 10:30. Can't think of a better way to ring in 2014, than sleeping in my cozy bed, next to my favorite husband!]

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