Monday, January 13, 2014


Okay, just pretend that Christmas wasn't like 3 weeks ago, and I'm not forever late on all these posts. Because pretty sure I have a couple Christmas-ey things that I don't want to leave un-documented (heaven forbid, something go undocumented! #sarcasm #butreally). The first being, the actual day o' Christmas!

As you know, we were in Idaho, and since my parent's moved to Dallas, we got to spend the whole day with the Frames. I definitely missed my family, but it was also nice to settle in and spend all day at one house, instead of watching the clock and timing it right so both families get equal time. 

This year was extra magical because we had little kids there, which makes it that much better. We all woke up, excited to see if Santa came in the night! Garrett did the dad-thing and videotaped, while I held Rae's hand, leading her out to the tree! Grandma and Grandpa had gotten her a huge stuffed elephant which was sitting in front of the tree beside all the other presents. Upon seeing it, Rae's eye's lit up and she gasped and went straight for it. She spent the rest of the morning with her new friend, half the time she was showering it with kisses, and the other half of the time she was tackling it, and then showering it with kisses. She had a hard time even noticing her other presents…..Although, she had no trouble noticing Charlie's presents, and trying to steal them all. Little sassy-pants. 
^the pre-present-opening picture….Rae wasn't thrilled. Charlie on the other hand…adorable, as usual.^
We all sat around the room and opened our presents one-by-one, per Christmas tradition. Santa out-did himself as usual, and it was everything a Christmas morning should be. The following is possibly my favorite picture from the whole week there. It perfectly sums up Christmas morning. Wrapping paper and presents everywhere, Uncle Davis showing Rae and Charlie a new toy, Rae trying to keep her new sunglasses on, and Charlie…somewhere in the middle! 
We spent the day napping, eating delicious food, and playing games together! Then that night, we got to Skype with our favorite missionary! It was so! good! to see Maddee! The girl is as beautiful as ever, and she's doing such good work in the Philippines. To say we miss her would be an understatement, but we are so proud of her. 
The whole day was filled with everything you could ask for from Christmas. Family, laughter, great food, gift-giving and gift-receiving, and most importantly, some time set aside to celebrate the birth of our Savior. 

Looking back, I can't help but get a little bummed knowing that we have almost a whole year until we get to do it all over again! I'm counting down the days already! 

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