Monday, January 20, 2014


Back at the beginning of Dallas, the three of us set off on a grand adventure to Dallas. I started writing about it, but never got around to actually posting it. And since we're making our way back to Dallas in just a couple days, I figured I better get to it. So here's a quick recap:

Written mid-December:
Since my parents just moved to Dallas this summer, G and I were quite anxious to make a trip out to see them in their new house and city. I've been to Dallas a couple times to see my big brothers, and I really really love that city! Also the people…..Texans, I just think they're pretty rad. So when a rockin' deal came up with southwest, I booked some tickets for a trip at the beginning of December. We looked forward to it for weeks and even even taught Rae to say Mimi and Papa in preparation! And then, a few hours before we were supposed to head to the airport, a major ice storm hit Dallas and our flight was cancelled. Which is when I cried.
We kept our bags packed, and woke up at 4am the next morning, with the tiniest glimmer of hope that we would actually make it to Texas for the weekend. We boarded a plane to El Paso, knowing sure-well that we might get stranded there if the ice storm in Dallas didn't let up. Right before they closed the door on the plane, G looked at me with wide eyes and said, "This is our last chance...are we sure we want to risk this? We could end up stranded in the El Paso airport for the weekend...with a baby..." And then we just looked at each other for about 5 seconds, gave each other a high five, and said in unison, "We're in this together!" Which has been a theme of ours in moments of discomfort. Us Frames have never shied away from adventure.

Two flights, a very short nap, countless cheerios, and a leaky diaper later, we happily made it to Dallas! After a short fiasco with a lost carseat, we were making our way to my parents new home, slooooowly though, because of the ice.

We hunkered inside, laughing and chatting and enjoying each others company all weekend. We drank a couple batches of hot chocolate, and Rae showed off by calling to Mimi and Papa every time she woke up in the morning or after a nap. Rae got to meet the last of her Aunts and Uncles, and I'm pretty sure she won them over pretty quickly with her generous kisses.

It was the perfect trip, except that it was too short. Which is always the case. But we left happy, knowing that we would be back in less than two months for Brian's wedding!

There's a couple parts of the trip that deserve their own post (still to come), but here's a smattering of pictures from the whole weekend!

 ^i love these pics of my mama with my little girl. isn't she the most beautiful mimi?!^
 ^the way Rae says "papa!" it's one of the cutest things she says"
^tex-mex. it deserved it's own picture. obviously.^
^Rae was quite fond of her Uncle Matt. Maybe it's because she could sense that he's training to become a dad himself, in April! She loved Uncle Brian too, but he wasn't feeling the best and didn't want to spread germs to Rae, so we didn't get a pic.^
^On monday, when my parents were back at work, Rae and I braved the cold to explored downtown Dallas!^
We found ourselves at the aquarium, which was really cool, aside from the fact that Rae got pooped on by a bird. Good thing her hood was up! They had tons of cool fish, but also other animals. Our favorites were the sloths and the jaguar (who was particularly interested in Rae, too). We also happened to be in the shark tank at feeding time which was really really cool to see! 
^I promise she was having fun!^
^note the birdie poopie....yuck!^

And that's that. We left with happy and full hearts after spending time with those we love most. The trip was low-key, which was exactly what we wanted. And Rae still calls to Mimi and Papa when she wakes up! We are more than a little excited to go back in January....just hoping that there's no more ice storms!

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