Monday, February 03, 2014

Brian's Wedding

This is my big brother Brian.
Isn't he so cute? He's got a contagious laugh, the funniest demeanor, and he's just genuinely such a good guy. He's obviously so handsome, and he's a hard worker, and he's one of my favorite people around. 
He got married last weekend, to his sweetheart Thip (pronounced Tip...she's from Laos)

All my family flew in for the wedding, and in typical enzler-fashion, we were all hugs and teases and laughter, all weekend long. We also ate some really really good food. 
Us Enzler's know how to party.
It was a really really happy couple of days. 

This was also the first time we had all 7 grandchildren together.
There were times when we had all 7 kids and 14 adults, all under my parent's roof. 
21 people, ranging in age from 1.5 to 63.
 It was the best kind of chaos.

Rae was passed from aunt to uncle to grandparent, and I was rarely without a niece or nephew in my arms. 
At the rehearsal dinner, someone asked me if my niece (whom I was holding) was my daughter, I pointed out Rae, across the room, who was dancing in her aunt's arms at the moment, and then tried to give them a run-down of who belonged to who as far as kids and parents go. 
They commented that trying to get all the families straight was near impossible with everyone playing trade-sies like we were. I smiled, because it was true, but also because I wouldn't have had it any other way. 
My siblings and I soaked up every second playing our 'aunt' and 'uncle' cards and trying to build memories with these littles who we love so dearly.

The cousins had a really great time together too!
Mimi and Papa have all the coolest toys, and aside from a few heated debates over who had what first, the kids played unbelievably well together. 
On Saturday morning, before the wedding, we took all the kids to the park down the street. 
Half the time I was sitting back chatting with my Aunt Nancy or someone else, and half the time I was at the top of the jungle gym encouraging everyone to brave the tall-twisty slide. 

Eventually the guys found a football to pass back and forth. They did what they do, running all over the field, pretending to be nfl quarterbacks and receivers.
But before too long, the little boys jumped in and wanted to play too. It was one of my favorite moments of the whole trip. Five grown men went from playing a little catch, running all over the field, to squatting down, passing the football to their 3-year old nephews who were 2-feet away. They taught them how to catch and throw and pretend-tackled them. The boys were in heaven.
The whole time, Garrett had Rae's pink sunglasses hooked on his t-shirt. 
I'm certain it doesn't get any sexier. 

At one point during our time at the park the kids began climbing a tree. It wasn't any old tree though. This was the kind of tree that was made for moments like this. The kind of tree that likely spent every living moment, hoping that a group of little cousins would come sit on it (lined up in order of age, duh) for that unforgettable, unmissable, un-pass-up-able photo-op.
We really had no choice in the matter. 

Unfortunately, somebody's kid (*cough*cough*mine*) decided to be little miss stubborn (she got it from G….obviously;) and  this is literally the best shot we could get. 
also, rae and greyson are in each other's spots, according to age. 
These are the other shots worth noting:

And then these, which I really do love so so much!

That night was Brian's wedding. He's the last of my siblings to get married, and that Thip….she's the perfect last piece to complete our family puzzle. 
We've all considered Thip part of the family for yeeeeears now, so we're stoked that it's official now! She was the most beautiful bride! 
Seeing my brother see her for the first time, walking down the aisle, or swirl her around the dance floor in their first dance….it was one of those things that just makes your heart swell 50 times and explode into fireworks of happiness.

And then was the reception. 
Which was full of yummy food, dancing, and posing with my sisters for funny pictures. 
It doesn't get any better.
But really, these ladies….ahh. I just really really really love them.

We danced the night away, because, of course. 
At one point Spice Girls came on, and it may or may not have been one of the highlights of my life! 
Sporty, Posh, Scary, Baby, and Ginger would have been proud. 

And it's worth mentioning, at one point that cute husband of mine even joined me on the dance floor.
For a fast song (don't worry…it wasn't spice girls).
It was another highlight of my life. 
It wasn't documented, for fear of ending the moment prematurely.
But it was amazing.

Really the whole 5-days of chatting, laughing, dancing, watching the cousins, eating, reminiscing, mediating, playing, shopping… was all amazing! 

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