Monday, February 24, 2014

catching up

It's the start of a new week. And I've found myself here. Actually, I forced myself to be here. I have probably 8 or more un-finished and un-published blog posts just sitting there. But I haven't been able to finish them for some reason....they aren't anything special, I just feel like my brain isn't working. So I've made a commitment to push 'publish' on this little beauty right here, even if it's the lamest blog post you ever did read.

So this is going to be a catch-up of sorts. Really, more like a combination of all 8 un-published blog posts. Prepare yourself....

Both G and I had birthdays in the last two months. He's 26 and I hit 25. Rae forgot both our birthdays and still needed her diaper changed, food made, and pretty much everything done for her. It wasn't any kind of break. She did give us a few extra kisses on our big days I guess that counts! We celebrated G's birthday with a scrumptious dinner with friends, and eclair cake for dessert! And my birthday was all about staying out of the kitchen. Breakfast was krispy kreme donuts, lunch was zupas with my best, and dinner was take out for me and G. It was all I ever wanted and more!
And now, literally the ONLY birthday picture that was taken:

Valentines Day was equally as celebratory. We traded babysitting, so we ended up child-less on the most romantic day of the year. For the first time in a million years, we went out to a nice restaurant, just the two of us. I honestly think it was the first time we've gone out to eat without Rae. Ever. We've done movies and sporting events without her, but it's been a long long time since we sat down at a nice restaurant without a child and a pile full of cheerios.
Garrett got off work early and met Rae and I at the park down the street from our house. He came bearing gifts....cupcakes to be exact! And they were awesome! We spent the day together, and then dropped Rae off, and went straight to Claim Jumper. I had never been, but it was one of G's favorite restaurants in California. Oh my lanta, it was good. Like, really really good. It was a success of a valentines day, for sure!!
This picture is actually not from valentines day. In Texas, G and I added a little G+K to this graffiti wall. Super romantic, I it's fitting ;).
Rae turned 18-months which was pretty exciting, mostly because we dropped her off in nursery and didn't look back. Okay, lies. We looked back. I'm pretty confident that the nursery leaders laughed at us more than once as we peaked our head through that tiny window to get a peak of our girl. She was just so cute in there though, and we really couldn't help ourselves. She's does really well in nursery for the most part, but she gets pretty upset when the other kids start getting upset. Like if another little girl is having a melt-down, Rae gets really nervous and scared and just starts bawling.
Yes, i snuck a pic on her first day of was just so monumental. Can you spot her?
The weather here has been more than superb. I'm talking like seriously amazing. Like low 70's, and always accompanied by the most perfect little breeze. We spend significant amounts of time outside almost every day. I think the backyard is our favorite room in the house (I know that doesn't make sense...but still). If we aren't playing soccer or with bubbles in the backyard, we can usually be found on a walk, or at the park down the street. This past Saturday, I cleaned up inside, and G did a bunch of yard work, and then we just sat in our lawn chairs with our bare-feet in the freshly cut grass and watched Rae run around. She collects only the prettiest rocks and the greenest leaves, and always brings them to us for approval. G has taught her some mad-skills in soccer too, and when I sit there and watch them, I always feel like pinching myself. Is this really real life right now? 

And that's all I got for ya today. Hopefully I can get back into the rhythm of this thing before too long.



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