Friday, March 14, 2014

our first visitors!

Last week some of our best friends from BYU came to visit us for a job interview. They were our first official visitors since we moved into our house, and it was a blast having them stay with us!

Kyle and Garrett went through school together, and Steph and I met through that whole process. In Provo, we spent countless evenings together playing games, eating yummy food, chatting and laughing. We were so sad to move away just a few weeks before they had their sweet baby boy, Deacon. So it was especially fun to have them here for a few days, and to see our littles playing together (i.e. Rae stealing/hiding all her toys from Deacon).

We spent our days seeing the area, talking about jobs/careers, and just having fun! It was a little tricky revolving our schedules around nap-times, but I think we made it work. And it was pretty awesome to sit in the backyard, soaking up the sun while the kids slept.

Unfortunately Garrett had to go to Dallas for a work-convention, so he missed the first few days of their visit. But we saved all the good stuff for when he got back, which made for a really fun last day!

We started off the day at the aquarium where Rae pointed out all the fish and turtles and sharks! It's definitely not the best aquarium in the world, but the displays are awesome, and we really enjoyed it!
After that we made our way over to the Chandler mall where we window shopped and visited the Lego store! Rae was gifted her very first lego set and she seriously hasn't stopped playing with it since (a trait she must have got from her dad).

The kids took a quick nap in the car before we ended our day at Joe's Crab Shack, where we indulged in more crab and seafood than we could fill our bellies with! It was quite the event, and I'm sure we were a sight as we tried to take care of two kiddies with our hands covered in crab, seasoning, and butter. It was worth it though, and we left with very full and very happy bellies!
It was so fun having our first visitors and showing them our little life here in AZ.
If any of you are ever in need of a little vaca, always know that there's a room here with your name on it!

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