Tuesday, March 04, 2014


We are feeling pretty overwhelmed with the support that we got from our little announcement. Thanks to all those who shared their love and excitement with us. We are so exited for September, and we know that Rae will be the best big sister.

We found out somewhere in the middle of January that I was pregnant. We got a recommendation for a great doctor in the area and scheduled our first appointment. Our doctor is awesome and does an ultrasound at every appointment, which is the best. But at our first ultrasound, the baby was looking a week or two behind where it should be, growth wise. The doctor told us that could mean one of two things, 1, the baby had stopped growing and I was miscarrying. 2, I had done my calculations wrong, and really I was just a little bit behind where I thought I was (but this seemed unlikely because that would have meant that I got a positive pregnancy test at only 2 or 3 weeks along). The doctor could tell that I was nervous, and as we were leaving he threw out that maybe it was a total fluke and I'd come back in a week or two and baby would be right on track. We spent the next week feeling nervous but hopeful. We said a few extra prayers, and took comfort that I was feeling very much pregnant, which seemed to us to be a good sign. We decided not to tell anyone for a while, even our families, just until we knew a little more.

My pregnancy with Rae was not an easy experience. And the recovery was even worse. So to say that I have a bit of fear and anxiety of pregnancy, well, that would be an understatement. Even when G and I both felt like we were ready to have another baby, I still needed a little more time before we started trying. I felt ready to have a baby, but I didn't feel ready to get pregnant again. And then, when we did get pregnant, I was faced with the possibility of losing it. Suddenly all my fears switched from being afraid of being pregnant, to being afraid that I wasn't pregnant.

Two weeks inched by, and finally we were able to have another ultrasound. We scheduled our appointment for super early in the morning so G wouldn't have to miss much work for it, and I was glad to have him there. The ultrasound tech had to look around for a second or two, but then, there on the screen was the cutest little jelly-bean with a strong beating heart and a even a very visible brain (#geniusbaby).

We were so thrilled! And even better, baby was measuring right on track! Which meant that the last appointment was just a fluke, and my due date would stay the same. Hallelujah!

After that appointment, we were finally able to fully accept that we were having a baby!

Since then I've spent most of my days laying on the bathroom floor trying not to throw up and sleeping as much as possible....which really isn't very much considering the fact that there's a toddler in my life that needs chasing around all day. Garrett has been an absolute champ and my friends have taken such good care of me, even kidnapping Rae for a few hours on my really bad days. With Rae I was sick until 20 weeks, but 12 seemed to be the magic number this time around because I'm feeling so so much better!

And that's that I guess. Baby Frame #2 is on his or her way!! And yes, we are planning on being surprised with the gender again!




  1. Oh I am so excited for you and so impressed (again) with your self control on gender! CONGRATULATIONS!

  2. ummmmmm if you do not end up liking the chalkboard door, it was worth if for the darling progress pics!!! Cant wait to see these for the next few months! Cutest idea evvveerrrrr!! hugs from ID!


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