Wednesday, March 12, 2014


yesterday was one of those days that you're glad was yesterday, meaning that it's over.

i won't go into all the details, but lets just say the morning consisted of the most disastrous playdate ever and a spilled glass of chocolate milk all over my white carpet. there may or may not have been tears shed.

on top of that, i have a young women's activity each tuesday, so G rushes home just in time for me to hand rae over and run out the door. about ten minutes into our activity last night, my phone started ringing. i had called G earlier for something unimportant and figured he was just returning my call, so i ignored it. then he called again. and a few more times. once i got the girls settled into the activity i was finally able to answer....he was sure he had dislocated rae's arm and needed me to come home with the carseat so we could take her to the urgent-care.

rae's been sick before, but she's really never been injured. ever. i hurried to get someone to cover my activity and rushed home to my sweet girl. when i got there she was just cuddled into G's shoulder, and she wouldn't move. like she was totally frozen. when she's hurt, she usually prefers me, but she wouldn't dare move a muscle to come to me. if she was still, she wasn't in pain, but if she even flinched, she would burst into tears.
our bff-doctor-friend was able to come over pretty quick and figure out that her elbow was dislocated. He quickly popped it back in and she cried somethin' fierce, but within 5 minutes she was running around the house doing her thing again.

i was trying to act calm and collected the whole time, because really it wasn't a high stress situation, she was fine if she wasn't moving. but really i was totally freaking out inside. this was the first time my baby girl had experienced pain from an injury, and it seriously just broke my heart. as soon as he popped it back in, she held her arms out for me and i scooped up that girl and held her close.

anyways, we all woke up happy and healthy this morning, glad that yesterday is behind us and determined to make today better!

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